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The Federated Church of McDonald

Small extremely rural church

The Federated Church of McDonald

P.O. Box 96

McDonald, KS 67745

(785) 538-2352

In addition to the cash salary or $39,000, the position comes with a parsonage that has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths that is located next door to the church building.  There is also an oversize double garage.  The electric, gas, landline phone, and water bills are covered by the church. Television and internet bills are not covered by the church.

The Federated Church of McDonald is a small rural church in the far northwest corner of Kansas.  The Federated Church of McDonald was founded in 1915 when the Methodist and Baptist churches merged.  The church has adopted basically a Baptist doctrine.  Our church holds to a dispensationalist view of Scriptures and believes in election.  Our church’s attendance is currently less than 30.

The closest other church of any kind is about 10 miles away.  McDonald is a small town with a population of about 125. Our zip code has an area of 263.8 square miles and as of 2019 the zip code had a population of 408 according to This makes the population density about 1.5 persons per square mile. The nearest Walmart being nearly 50 miles away. The closest part-time medical clinic is about 10 miles away.  The closest “major” hospital is at least 45 miles away.  Depending on what you define as a major hospital.

The town lost its school back in 1975 and currently children attend school in Bird City which is a small town about 10 miles away.

The town has a few businesses.  There is a bank, a grocery store, a grain elevator, a seed distributor, a fertilizer distributor, a dry wall contractor, a small long-term care facility, a part-time post office, and a liquor store.

The current pastor is planning to retire and has served at the church for over 14 years.

Pastor Mark Adams

To apply for this job email your details to