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A SOAR Summer Intern will support the SOAR Camp Director with all aspects of preparing, setting up, and coordinating SOAR camp. As assigned, summer interns will also assist with other SOAR events including respites and social clubs. A SOAR Summer Intern will learn how to recruit, train, and oversee volunteers and work hands-on with SOAR participants of all ages with disabilities.

Interns will work 35 hours a week during non-camp weeks, taking 1 half day off each week and flexing hours for evening and weekend events. Due to the nature of the internship, SOAR Summer Interns can expect to work an excess of 40 hours the weeks of SOAR camp; July 7-12 and July 21-26, with additional responsibilities.

General Responsibilities

  • Assist with all aspects of planning, setting up, and coordinating SOAR Camp, including administrative duties and physically preparing, loading, and unloading materials from our mobile cases and trailer
  • Assist with recruiting, assigning, training, and tracking SOAR Volunteers
  • Assist with planning and coordinating other SOAR Summer Events (R&R and Tuesday’s at SOAR)
  • Complete CPI Certification – Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training (provided by SOAR)
  • Participate in the weekly Intern Leadership Book & Bible Studies and have your assigned reading completed
  • Attend the Intern Lock-In for team building and immersion training
  • Participate in weekly SOAR staff meetings and 1:1 meetings with the Camp Director
  • Assist with data entry into the SOAR CRM, DonorPerfect, to ensure all volunteers, participants, and partners are correctly entered into the database
  • Assist the SOAR Camp Director in leading and/or attending camp planning meetings
  • Design social media posts, TikToks / reels, and videos to promote events and fundraise
  • Develop curriculum and rotations for next year’s camp
  • Film and produce skits and curriculum from last year’s camp for a virtual experience
  • Assist with fundraising planning and events, as needed
  • Solicit donations from local businesses for camp materials and volunteer appreciation
  • Complete office chores (cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, wiping down counters), as assigned
  • Other duties as assigned by the SOAR Camp Director or SOAR Executive Director

Camp Responsibilities

  • Set-up camp at each partner church the Sunday afternoon/evening of the camp week
  • Arrive to partner church at 7:30am M-F for preparation and meetings
  • Serve as a Team Lead (directly managing a team of 10-12 campers and their 1:1 buddy) or other lead role (Rotation Lead, Behavior Team, Asst. Camp Director, etc.)
  • Provide guidance and leadership to volunteers
  • Support camper behaviors and call for behavior team, as needed
  • Prepare campers and volunteers for transitions
  • Teach classroom curriculum and lead rotations, as needed
  • Be a positive and encouraging role model
  • Communicate with parents
  • Attend evening wrap-up meetings
  • Clean and re-set rotation rooms after all volunteers leave (5pm)
  • Choose and prepare photos for social media posts, nightly
  • Assist SOAR staff with any job needed to prepare for the next day
  • Tear-down and cleanup at each partner church the Friday evening after the camp

Skills and Expectations

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must have a passion for working with special needs children and adults
  • Must have indirect or direct leadership experience
  • Must be able to remain focused to complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Must be able to provide creative solutions and be a quick thinker
  • Must possess great relational skills: humility, friendliness, meekness, and professionalism
  • Must have outstanding communication, organizational, and team-building skills
  • Must exhibit a servant’s heart and a desire to get the job done well
  • Must accept the SOAR Special Needs’ Vision, Mission, Belief, and Values
  • Must ensure good stewardship of the organization’s funds and resources
  • Must act as a positive representative of SOAR Special Needs at all times
  • Must maintain confidentiality with all sensitive & personal pieces of information
  • Must exhibit loyalty in all situations and defend the heart and intentions of SOAR Staff
  • Must value and pursue an intimate relationship with God and continuous personal growth
  • Must HAVE FUN!

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