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Assistant Pastor – Family Ministries Job Description
Red Bridge Baptist Church (Kansas City, MO) is searching for someone to fill the position of Assistant Pastor – Family Ministries. The Assistant Pastor will engage and come alongside parents to train and equip them to disciple their children. He will work with staff, parents, lay leaders, and others in the church to develop and grow the children’s and youth ministries for the purpose of evangelizing and discipling children and their families. The Assistant Pastor shall also be the staff liaison with the adult small group ministry.
4-year degree pertinent to the job or equivalent is required. If applicable, please indicate any higher level of education.
Experience in the field of pastoral ministries preferred; additionally, children and youth ministry experience is preferred. Please include all relevant experience (including full-time, part-time, intern, and volunteer work) in any resume submitted.
Must exhibit and seek to practice the qualifications as laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9:
• A God-given desire for the office of overseer
• Above reproach
• If married, then not having been divorced
• Sober; not a drunkard
• Not given to anger
• Hospitable
• Able to teach others
• Gentle
• Not given to quarreling
• Not given to the service of money
• Must manage his household well, including children.
• Not recently converted

• Must be well thought of by outsiders
Must believe, affirm, and teach the non-negotiable doctrines of the Christian faith:
• The doctrine of the trinity as explained and summarized by the council of Nicea and the first section of the Athanasian Creed
• The hypostatic union in Christ
• Salvation by grace through faith in Christ as revealed in Scripture and apart from works.
• The absolute, total, and final authority of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments.
Must accept and hold to the teachings laid out on the Red Bridge Baptist Church website. Must hold to the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).
Key Qualifications:
● Applicants must demonstrate a heart and ability for discipling children (K-6th grade) and youth (7th-12th grade).
● Applicants must demonstrate a heart and ability for engaging parents by training and equipping them to disciple their children and youth.
● Applicants must demonstrate a vision for evangelization of children, youth, and their families.
● Applicants must demonstrate the ability to effectively recruit, engage, and partner with volunteers.
● Applicants must demonstrate strong communication, organizational, and administrative skills.
Key Responsibilities:
● Come alongside and equip parents to disciple their children and youth.
● Work with staff, parents, committees, and volunteers to develop, grow, and oversee Preschool (Nursery thru Pre-K), Children’s (K-6th grade), and Youth (7th-12th grade) programs and ministries. (e.g. Sunday School, Youth Activities, Fellowships)
● Provide leadership and oversight of the Pre-School ministries to maintain adequate staffing, administration, and training in the areas of Sunday School and Extended Teaching Care (ETC).
● Provide leadership and oversight of the Children’s ministries to maintain adequate staffing, administration, and training in the areas of Sunday School and Awana.
● Develop Youth ministries geared at helping youth grow in their faith and foster a Biblical worldview. Recruit and train volunteer lay leaders to staff youth ministries.

● Ready to teach, as needed, in the children and youth classrooms or at events.
● Oversee Risk Assessment Program to verify that all leaders within the Preschool, Children’s and Youth ministries are Risk Approved.
● Oversee the selection and purchase of curriculum appropriate for each above area of ministry in accordance with the doctrine and beliefs of this church.
● Work with staff, volunteer lay leaders and Finance Committee to develop an annual budget for each area of responsibility to meet the vision set for each area by the Assistant Pastor.
● Assist with leading the adult small group ministry by working with volunteer lay leaders to develop weekly lesson plans and meet periodically to assess the vision set for the Adult Small Group ministry.
● Note: Even though this position does not include preaching or pastoral duties, it is not out of the question that the Assistant Pastor could, on occasion, be called on to preach as well as complete additional duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

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