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Job Description: The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for the implementation and oversight of all Human Resources-related functions at Lenexa Baptist Church (LBC).

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for:

·       Acquire completed Hiring Questionnaires and distribute Offer Letters.

·       Provides the onboarding and orientation of new employees.

·       Conducts the implementation and execution of payroll.

·       Conduit for all employee benefits and retirement, including annual re-enrollment.

·       Compile and submit benefit providers’ invoice spreadsheets, comparing them to payroll for accuracy.

·       Compiling payroll and holiday calendars/holiday additions.

·       Oversite and update of the Master Benefit Worksheet.

·       Handling all bonus and extra payroll activities (Pastor Appreciation, Anniversaries, etc.).

·       Provides reports for weekly Out of Office, PTO max balance, etc.

Key Responsibilities:

·       Interface with employees and managers relative to Human Resources functions.

·       Provides enrollment packets/documents and coaches supervisors in searches/interviews of candidates.

·       Verifies new employee documents and prepares HR files for records of personnel, medical, and I-9 documents.  Coordinates with various departments to implement appropriate communication and computer connectivity.

·       Proficient in the payroll program, including regular maintenance and reporting, and interfacing with General Ledger tasks.

·       Submits applicable updates into the company intranet files.

·       Acts as liaison with insurance providers, updates/enrolls/terminates employee benefits.  Assists employees with questions and concerns.

·       Supports the performance evaluation process annually.

·       Monitors compensation processes for merit increases, entering changes in all HRMS and applicable benefit providers (including retirement).

·       Conducts annual enrollment of benefits, new employee benefit enrollment, and the update of payroll deductions.

·       Input and maintenance of PTO banks for all employees.

·       Maintenance and distribution of annual holidays and payroll calendar, including Supervisor contacts for holiday hours.

·       Provide input to the employee recognition program and add bonuses when applicable.

·       Conducts and oversees departure processing for terminations and resignations.

·       Provides all reports and requests, including weekly, payroll GL, and quarterly PTO submissions.

·       Responsible for Labor Laws employee current postings, and all other pertinent postings.

·       Reviews and administers policies relating to Human Resources for the HR Manual.

Job Requirements:

·       Requires 2-5 years of experience in the Human Resources field relating to benefits, employee relations, and hiring procedures or equivalent experience.

·       Requires administrative skills relating to Excel, Word, payroll systems, etc.

·       Desired SHRM training and education.

·       Desired B.S. in Human Resources, Management, or related fields.

Job Classification:

·       Hourly non-exempt 28–32 hours per week position

Working Relationships:

·       The Human Resources Coordinator reports to the Director of Business Administration.

·       The Human Resources Coordinator works with the following positions: Director of Business Administration, Pastors, Directors, and all employees and volunteers at LBC.

·       Interfaces with all benefit vendors, as well as financial and payroll companies.

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