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First Baptist Church, Plymouth Illinois

Independent church

First Baptist Church is a small, non-denominational, rural church in West-Central Illinois.  We voluntarily fellowship with the IFCA International and hold the high view of the Scripture.

We are looking for an energetic and outgoing man, who has been called to teach and preach to a community in need.  We are seeking a pastor who will be dedicated to a faithful congregation, and who has a consistent walk with the Lord in his devotional and prayer life.

Twenty-years ago our worship service attendance averaged 80 to 100 people for Sunday morning services.  Today our services average 20-40 people. The town of Plymouth, Illinois is quiet and peaceful with friendly people who are indifferent to the gospel.  The area children will come to our VBS program, but the families do not come to church.  Several of these children are from broken homes. We are looking for a pastor who will help us rebuild this ministry and reach the community for the Lord.  We have a strong missions program. There are no disputes in the congregation, our finances are good and the church building and 3-4 bedroom parsonage are in very good condition.  We offer a modest salary.  Our former pastor was bi-vocational, which would allow you further interaction with our community. We are located approximately 20 miles from Macomb IL, which is home to Western Illinois University.

To view a recent church service as well as other information about us you can visit our Facebook page.

Our website is down at the moment, but it should be back up soon and will have our doctrinal statement and constitution.

For more information contact Tom Jefferson, church deacon, anytime at my home phone (217)-357-3269, or email me at

To apply for this job email your details to