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Senior Pastor Job Description  –       APPLY HERE

1. Vision & Ministry Philosophy:
Regularly communicate the overall vision and philosophy of
ministry to the church (pulpit, newsletter, small groups, equipping, outreach, etc.)

2. Sermons:
Teach from the Bible on Sunday. Preach on 70 to 75% of the Sundays, and provide
oversight for those who also are preaching.

3. Leadership & Discipleship:
Provide leadership that equips and disciples the church to grow
spiritually, reach its community with the gospel of Christ, and to engage global missions.

4. Pastoral Ministry:
a. Assimilation: Ensure that a consistent structure and team are in place to assimilate
newcomers into participating church members. This includes visiting and teaching a
newcomer’s class.
b. Counseling: Ensure that the church knows what to do with counseling needs. We do
not want counseling to become a major part of the pastor’s week, but there will be times
of emergency counseling that will take place.
c. Prayer: Ensure that FCC’s value of prayer is being woven into all FCC ministries.

5. Oversight:
a. Church Staff: Lead and oversee pastoral, office, and facility management staff.
b. Sunday Services: Ensure and oversee a consistent structure for the recruitment,
development, and encouragement of lay leaders and worship leaders.

6. Leadership Development:
a. Elders: Meet with the elders twice monthly to help give vision, direction, and leadership
to the church.
b. Deacons: With the elders, ensure clarity and effectiveness of the functions, tasks, and
expectations of deacons and elders.
c. Other Lay Leaders: Ensure the oversight of a consistent structure that recruits,
develops, and encourages FCC volunteers.

7. Outreach & Missions:
a. Model a life of relational outreach and personal evangelism within the community.
b. Champion the value of global missions at FCC.
c. Media: As scheduled by the O’Neill Ministerial Association, prepare and deliver devotions
for KBRX radio broadcasts. This is typically once or twice per year.


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