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Bethel Baptist Church – Brookings, SD

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One of the most critical mission fields for churches today is the calling and training of pastors and missionaries. Bethel Baptist Church (Brookings, SD) has a long history of being a church that does a great job of “raising pastors.” We look forward to engaging this mission field again and will be deeply honored to have a mentoring role in a young pastor’s life. This is our primary motivation for working with Converge Heartland, our denominational district, in developing this Resident Associate Pastor Position.

The Resident Associate Pastor is a two-year position for someone already in ministry training. The candidate could have just completed a seminary or a ministry educational program. Still, this position will likely appeal to someone currently in school, which allows for online, distance, or cohort learning.

The Resident Associate Pastor would be involved in the regular rhythms of our church: attending worship, getting to know people, and keeping things running. The Resident would “ride along” with the Pastor in his duties, receive regular mentorship and encouragement, and take up Bible Study and occasional preaching. The Resident would also contribute in specific ways within his gifts: young adults, music, teaching, etc.

The Converge Heartland Ministry Residency Program, requires varying degrees of support raising, and both Bethel Baptist Church and Converge Heartland aim to significantly help the resident be financially released for this ministry residency as soon as possible. This resident will be 50% funded by Bethel Baptist Church and will be contracted to work 20-30 hours per week at the church, with their remaining time being devoted to study and sustaining support relationships. This is an excellent opportunity for aspiring young ministers seeking meaningful experience in a pastor-developing environment.

If you are interested in this ministry opportunity, begin the conversation by filling out this APPLICATION FORM.

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