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Job Summary:
To assist with performance and scheduling of the pickup and delivery of people and materials for City Union Mission and to assist supervisor with Mission vehicle upkeep, records and servicing.


●        Assist in the scheduling of driver’s daily tasks as needed.

●        Maintain and keep up-to-date records pertaining to mission owned vehicles, i.e., vehicle maintenance records, U.S.D.O.T. records, preventive maintenance records, etc.

●        Assist with minor vehicle maintenance and repairs.

●        Fill out and get signed approval on all POs, petty cash vouchers and check requests before purchasing anything.

●        Return all receipts and paperwork along with POs to your supervisor and the Business Office.

●        Pick up and deliver mail, checks, food, residential/commercial donations, etc. for any Mission facility; transport clients/visitors to any Mission facility/activity.

●        Assist and keep all mission owned vehicles up to date on Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVI), Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections (CMVI), U.S.D.O.T. standards, title transfers, mileage, and daily drivers logs.

●        Assist with the receipt, inspections, and paperwork (gift affidavits, GIK information) on all donated items.

●        Daily check fluid levels in vehicles (oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid). Report any low levels, top of if necessary.

●        Report any needed repairs IMMEDIATELY and assist with scheduling these repairs with approved shops.

●        Be on-call as needed to assist with possible vehicle breakdowns after-hours

●        Coordinate with Camp Cumcito staff the transportation and luggage needs prior to camp season.

●        Assist with inventory Cycle Counts as needed.

●        Report any accidents or damage to vehicles IMMEDIATELY and ensure the Driver Incident Report form is completed and submitted to supervisor.

●        Work with Supervisor to obtain OSHA 10 training.

●        Perform other duties as required.

City Union Mission Requirements:

●        Be a born again, mature Christian able to clearly communicate the Gospel as opportunities arise during the workday. (1 Peter 2:21, 3:15)

●        Have a desire to serve the Lord through widely varied responsibilities to advance ministry to those currently homeless, and the urban poor of Kansas City, with a compassionate heart.

●        Agree to City Union Mission’s Statement of Ministry:

●        Be a genuine believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, as expressed by personal testimony and conduct.

●        Be a member in good standing of a recognized protestant, evangelical church for one year or more.

●        Have a genuine concern for the ministry of City Union Mission.

●        Have a minimum of one year of sobriety from alcohol and drugs and six months from tobacco.

●        Agree to abstain from alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tobacco while employed by City Union Mission.

●        Have a lifestyle that is free of sexual sin as clearly defined in the Bible.

Required Skills/Abilities:

●        Ability to demonstrate computer skills in excel and google calendars or similar software

●        Must be able to tactfully deal with co-workers and the public by exhibiting good judgement, kindness, sensitivity and compassion.

●        Ability to be flexible and adjust plans on a moment’s notice

Education and Experience:

●        A High School diploma or equivalent is required

●        Must be twenty-one years of age.

●        At least 3 years of driving experience with no tickets in the last 3 years is required

●        Must possess a valid Class E Missouri license or a valid Kansas driver’s license

Physical Requirements:

●        Prolonged periods of sitting/standing/kneeling, etc.

●        Occasionally exposed to extremes in temperature and outdoor elements of rain, wind and snow

●        Ability to ascend/descend stairs frequently throughout shift.

●        Must be able to lift 50lbs unassisted and must obtain assistance with equipment or co-worker for weights over 50lbs

●        Must be able to operate motor vehicle, such as 15-passenger van or box truck

Travel Requirements:

●        Ability to drive to our campuses in Kansas City and in Warsaw.

To apply for this job email your details to