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·         To oversee, provide and coordinate medical services for all clients of the City Union Mission that will bring comfort, promote healing, and increase their knowledge of methods to maintain health, prevent illness, and when it is necessary, to seek medical attention.

Duties and Responsibilities

·     Function as a positive contributing staff member of City Union Mission by engaging in timely communication, active participation in meetings, strategic planning, data management, supplying accurate reports, and problem solving to ensure unity with the purpose and goals of the Mission.

·     Maintain and oversee all administrative duties of the Medical Services Center – City Union Mission – and maintain Medical Services Center hours, divided between Family Center, Men’s Center, Camp, & the Harbor.

·     Consult on and be aware of client medical and mental health needs.

·     Assist clients in referrals made to physicians or other healthcare professionals at the appropriate facility.

·     Be responsible for planning and supervision of health care and mental health services, and coordinate with area medical and mental health care facilities to promote health care for clients.

·     Make decisions on placement of clients in the infirmary, based on assessment and information provided by health professionals and Medical Services’ own internal assessment.

·     Schedule, oversee and supervise staff and volunteer medical personnel (individual and teams) for client contact, including completing paperwork such as evaluations, time sheets, etc. Actively recruit, schedule, and coordinate area medical and nursing schools to work with our clients, as well as professionals to teach regular courses on diet, hygiene, anatomy and physiology.

·     Work with city-side CLP, Harbor CLP, NLP, both Shelter teams, and the Camp Team to promote better health care knowledge for individuals involved in our ministries/programs.

·     Ensure completion of necessary paperwork for staff, clients, external health care or mental health agencies and our organization, such as Monthly Stats, Gift(s) in Kind, TMC Financial and Pharmacy papers, etc.

·     Be actively involved in the recruitment of an Oversight Physician and work with them to revise the Medical Services Standing Orders that must be reviewed and re-signed on a yearly basis.

·     Order or purchase all supplies and medications needed for Medical Services in Family and Men’s Centers, as well as Camp CUMCITO and the Harbor.

·     Be involved in consultation regarding health care, facilities and / or personal sanitation, safety, and hygiene Mission-wide.

·     Be personally involved in both the Wellness Team, as well as the Wellness Program, helping direct City Union Mission staff toward healthy living.

·     Have personal involvement in the creation of healthcare tools to educate staff and clients on healthier living.

·     Recruit, oversee, and work with volunteer nurses, doctors and dentists – coordinating the time they are here to keep up continuity of client/patient care.

·     Coordinate and oversee the medical side of Camp, including: recruiting volunteer doctors, medical students/nurses/nursing students for health screenings, overseeing the medical portion of Saturday Health Screenings, participating in Monday camper Send-Offs, and troubleshooting any issues that arise with the Camp Nurse.

·     Be aware of spiritual needs of the clients & respond, offering the comfort and hope that only God can give.

·     Seek to exemplify Jesus Christ daily and be prepared to share the Gospel and disciple as opportunities arise.

·     Perform other duties as may be assigned.


·    Be a born again, mature Christian able to clearly communicate the Gospel as opportunities during the work day arise. (1 Peter 2:21 and 1 Peter 3:15).

·    Able to lead others in spiritual maturity and demonstrate the attributes of a Christian role model with clients, staff, and the community at large (1Timothy 4:12; Joshua 24:15).

·    Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills, and computer literacy in Google, Microsoft applications, and information management systems.

·    Required: CPR and first aid certification.

·    Required: Registered Nurse with a minimum of 2 years of behavioral health experience.

·    Preferred: Registered Nurse with 2+ years psychiatric nursing/ mental health experience.

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