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Job Summary:
In partnership with the L. Minor Care Administrator and the Care Center team, the Guest Coordinator assists in providing a safe community for guests with special needs, high barriers and vulnerabilities due to mental and behavioral health, physical disabilities or age. As part of a multidisciplinary team, this role intentionally provides spiritual support at each point of care, safety oversight, mentorship and discipleship to improve the guests’ quality of life within the Care Center.
● Intentionally and strategically seek to exemplify Jesus Christ and be equipped and prepared to share the Gospel and provide spiritual support at each point of care; showing the love of Christ and biblical hospitality through each interaction.
● Provide leadership, mentorship and shepherding to the guests during assigned shifts through communication of the center and guests’ routine, and during small groups.
● Serve to enhance the guests’ development of natural support, as well as coping and self management skills to include teaching life skills.
● Participate and coordinate meal time and fellowship with the guests. Utilize this time to teach healthy interaction and servant leadership amongst our internal community.
● Be prepared to facilitate small group classes during assigned shifts that focus on the Gospel, spiritual wellness, leisure activities and healthy habits for the guests.
● Provide appropriate verbal and documented observations of guests directly to the administrator to provide input on the care plan as a key member of our care team.
● Respond appropriately to emergency situations and be prepared to deescalate emotional and spiritual crisis situations. Screen guests and visitors at entry.
● Monitor hygiene, shower and laundry routines for all guests. Assist in maintaining cleaning by leading team groups, teaching routines and using moments for ministry.
● Spend significant portions of assigned shift time with guests in a relational versus task oriented focus. Complete other duties as assigned within scope of practice and role.
● Prepare to work evenings and overnights during the week and weekends.
● Perform other duties as required within scope of role.
City Union Mission Requirements:
● Be a born again, mature Christian able to clearly communicate the Gospel as opportunities arise during the workday. (1 Peter 2:21, 3:15)
● Have a desire to serve the Lord through widely varied responsibilities to advance ministry to those currently homeless, and the urban poor of Kansas City, with a compassionate heart.
● Agree to City Union Mission’s Statement of Ministry:
o Be a genuine believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, as expressed by personal testimony and conduct.
o Be a member in good standing of a recognized protestant, evangelical church for one year or more.
o Have a genuine concern for the ministry of City Union Mission.
o Have a minimum of one year of sobriety from alcohol and drugs and six months from tobacco.
o Agree to abstain from alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, and tobacco while employed by City Union Mission.
o Have a lifestyle that is free of sexual sin as clearly defined in the Bible.
Required Skills/Abilities:
● Must have the spiritual maturity and ability to interact with various types of people and have a sound understanding of mental health, disabilities and/or age related challenges.
● Must have the ability to work overnight and weekends.
● Must be able to provide men discipleship, direct care and provide caregiving services as needed. Must be able to wand, search and provide hygiene assistance to same gender guests.
Education and Experience:
● Required: Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent.
● Required: Minimum of six months of work-related and/or ministry related experience in residential group homes, recovery or care facilities.
● Preferred: Two years of work related experience or education in a related field.
Physical Requirements:
● Ability to ascend/descend stairs and conduct center rounds multiple times throughout shift.
● Must be able to lift 15 pounds at times.
● Ability to assist guests to exit in times of emergency evacuation.

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