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The position description reflects the duties and responsibilities at the time of appointment; however, applicants should note that the exact duties may change over the course of the appointment. The following outlines the broad responsibilities of the position and is not a definitive list of activities. The position requires flexibility to assist the school in carrying out all its responsibilities.


The classroom teacher provides an excellent, Christ-centered, age-appropriate education for students. He/she is responsible for appropriate spiritual nurturing and training for each student’s developmental level. Therefore, teachers are considered ministers.

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Be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ who evidences the fruit of the Spirit, a person of spiritual maturity with academic and leadership qualities that will allow him/her to “train up a child in the way he should go.”
Demonstrate a love for children and teens and possess the gift of teaching.
Be actively involved in a Bible-believing church.
Ascribe wholeheartedly to the school’s Statement of Faith.
Demonstrate proficiency with Google Apps and email and the ability to utilize Sycamore Education.
Hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in his/her respective field of education.
Desire to continue his/her professional growth.
ACSI certification or state teaching certification is required to be obtained within two years of the start date.


The classroom teacher is accountable directly to his/her assigned dean. Within the organization, the classroom teacher is ultimately responsible to the Superintendent, who contracts the teacher for one year at a time.

Areas of Responsibility

The classroom teacher carries out the following areas of responsibility.


Model an exemplary walk with Jesus Christ in speech, actions, and attitudes
Set the example of a godly, growing Christian through personal Bible study,
memorization, prayer, and witnessing
Demonstrate a commitment to BRCS as a God-given ministry
Encourage a passion for excellence in the spiritual and educational quality of
classroom instruction
Follow the Matthew 18 principle in dealing with students, parents, peers, and the
Motivate students to accept God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and grow
in their faith
Demonstrate respect for the parent’s role as the primary educators of their children
Provide discipleship to students by actively engaging in their lives


Seek to integrate Biblical principles and the Christian philosophy of education throughout the classroom teacher’s respective discipline(s)
Demonstrate a high level of mastery of his/her respective subject matter
Follow curriculum executing instruction of material to fullest expectation
Prepare classroom syllabus and instructional overview of all content areas. Update as changes are made.
Prepare weekly lesson plans
Post weekly assignments and other helpful information on Google Classroom for parent/student review
Exhibit enthusiasm for the topics taught
Demonstrate creativity in the use of teaching methods, aids, and resources
Endeavor to meet the individual learning styles and abilities of his/her students
Learn new skills, such as integrating technology into the classroom, as changing pedagogy dictates
Assess the learning of students on a regular basis and provide progress reports as required
Grade and return student work within a week
Post grades on the Sycamore Education site a week from receipt of the assignment for parent/student review
Plan homework to meet the student’s needs for review and enrichment
Establish classroom discipline to enhance the teaching/learning cycle
Partner with parents, communicating effectively and frequently
Organization and maintenance of the classroom and its contents as an aesthetically ordered, safe, hygienic environment
Use speech, movement, and music as a positive, personal approach to address the whole group and individuals
Follow and support the Employee Handbook and the Parent/Student Handbook


Support the policies of the school
Keep accurate and regular assessments of student progress and attendance
Inform students, parents, and the administration of deficiencies with adequate
Keep the classroom clean and orderly
Accept responsibility for assigned extra-curricular activities and duties, including
involvement in curriculum review cycles, and accreditation committee assignments
Market the school with a willingness to showcase one’s teaching and communicate
with prospective families
Demonstrate loyalty and a spirit of collegiality
Care about students within and beyond the classroom


Attend prayer/devotional meetings and other teachers’ meetings as scheduled
Arrive at school at the time assigned and do not depart until the required instructional day is over
Collaborate as a team player with teaching colleagues and administrators.
See the school as a community
Seek opportunities for professional growth
Support the broader program of the school by attending extra-curricular activities
when possible
Attend high school graduation
Know the school’s procedures for dealing with issues of an emergency nature
Demonstrate confidentiality
Maintain a personal appearance that is a role model of cleanliness, modesty, good taste, and in agreement with school policy
Use acceptable English in written and oral communication

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