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Blandinsville Christian Church

Be the spiritual leader of the church and community, teaching Christian values through deed and action.

Sunday services —Use of overhead screen to provide, scripture for message given on any given Sunday, etc.  Teach the word of God in whatever venue, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, or one-to-one basis.

Officiate at weddings and funerals for church and community.

Serve as a leader for the church as well as the community — providing leadership skills, counseling, and Christian teaching and services as appropriate.

Exhibit flexibility in working with elders to visit the sick, elderly and shut-ins — church members are a priority. Elders serve as the governing body of the church providing direction and counseling — Reports on a regular basis regarding duties performed, weekly message, church finance, and other related issues.

Call on church members and pursue relationships with other individuals in the community to promote church good will and attendance.

Possess necessary technology skills in order to operate church software programs and computer systems.

Is a self-starter with appropriate organization skills.

Provide confidential counseling to church members and community at large.

Participate in community activities and be visible and interactive at these events.

Remain in close communication with the elders, Board and church secretary.

Coordinate youth group and their activities, provide direction and guidance of the youth, assist with Vacation Bible School and other youth programs. Be involved with the after-school program located at the Blandinsville Christian Church.

Serve as ex-officio member of all committees and to the Church Board in an advisory capacity.

Hold office hours as determined by pastor in coordination with elders.

Reside in the village of Blandinsville.

Attend elders’ and Church Board meetings once a month, providing monthly activity report.

Sunday services — (9:30-10:30 a.m.) — Use of overhead screen to provide, scripture for message given on any given Sunday, etc.

Interact with church members and community members on a regular and ongoing basis.

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