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Calvary University is excited to announce a new enrollment option for the upcoming fall semester that makes biblical education even more accessible: Microcredentials. Designed to equip Christians for effective leadership and service, each Microcredential program includes a specialized set of courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s Christian community. 

Microcredentials are short, flexible programs that offer targeted learning opportunities in specific areas of interest. Unlike traditional degree programs, which require a significant time commitment, Microcredentials are structured around just three to four courses each. This allows individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in a shorter period, making them ideal for working professionals, non-traditional students, and lifelong learners. Plus, accredited courses can count towards a degree at Calvary University or transfer to other institutions through articulation agreements, ensuring your investment if you decide to continue your education. 

Our Microcredential offerings reflect Calvary University’s commitment to preparing Christians to live and serve according to the biblical worldview. With flexible learning options and focused course offerings, we empower students to navigate the complexities of the modern world while remaining grounded in timeless biblical truths. Whether through courses in biblical studies, theology, or corporate culture, students gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. 

For the believer seeking to enrich his or her ministry or a professional looking to integrate faith and work, Calvary University’s Microcredentials offer an effective and efficient pathway to practical growth and impact. Check out our Microcredential options and enroll today to start this fall!