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Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presents the gift to President Campa.

“This year’s senior gift is to give back to the place that has made our college life.”

Each year, Calvary’s graduating class presents a senior gift as part of the graduation awards presentations. The Senior class of 2020 chose to honor the Warrior Café and the impact it has had on their time at Calvary, presenting a gift of new furniture to the Café, as well as maintenance for the Café’s espresso machine.

Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presented the gift to Interim President Jeff Campa. Ouchi said, “When I think about my college life, there’s one special place for me: that’s the Warrior Café.” He commented on the Café’s central role on campus, not only as a place to get coffee, but as a place for homework, friendship, and learning. Ouchi said, “I went to the Café because there was fellowship, because there were Bible studies, and also I could do homework,” though he admitted, “most of the time, I ended up not doing homework.”

In gratitude for the community fostered at the Café, this year’s senior gift “is to give back to the place that has made our college life… so students and faculty and professors can continue growing in faith and having fellowship.” The installation of new furniture and maintenance on the expresso machine will take place this summer before the new school year begins. Ouchi said, “We as a Senior class hope that this gift will help you to grow in faith and grow in fellowship for many years to come.”

New tables and chairs for the Café arrived earlier this month.

Ouchi gave a speech announcing the senior class’s gift at Awards Banquet.

The Warrior Café provides a variety of coffees, smoothies, snacks, and other drinks.