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Graduate Assistant Feature

“That is my favorite part about music. I love to take what I know and I love to pass it on.”

Christopher Stolberg is a graduate assistant for the Calvary University Music Department under department chair, Dr. Haekyung An. Stolberg considers himself “one of Dr. An’s right hand men.” Stolberg also teaches two classes in the department.

“I teach lux voces,” Stolberg said, “which is an auditioned performance group where typically music majors, although they don’t have to be, are auditioned and then I select a number of them and we go around to different churches and schools throughout the year and just bring worship to different venues.

“I also teach music appreciation, which is a level 100 course. It just kinda goes over the fundamentals of music, the history of it.”

In addition to being a graduate assistant, Stolberg is working toward a Master’s degree in the Science of Worship Arts at CU. Stolberg also is an independent contractor as an accompanist for private lessons and plays piano for events both on and off campus.

Stolberg said, “After I get my master’s I want to do music. And I don’t care where it leads me. You’ll hear stuff like ‘Oh, what kind of job can a poetry major have?’ or ‘What can a musician or an actor do?’ What will I probably end up doing? I’ll probably end up as a worship pastor at some point, and I’d be happy to fulfill that. I don’t think you have to have a calling to do that, I just don’t. You can, but I don’t think you need that calling.

“I will probably teach in some capacity for most of my life if not the rest of my life. I love it! That is my favorite part about music. I love to take what I know and I love to pass it on. I love to raise up generations of new musicians. That’s why I love doing stuff like lux voces. That’s why I love even teaching music appreciation with a bunch of non-music majors. I love to get people excited about music, because it’s really exciting!”

Stolberg also has advice for undergraduates. “Practice! Gosh, just practice! It’s really simple. I know everyone says it. But at the same time don’t lose yourself to it. When I was preparing for my senior recital I stayed up until one or two AM every night, I didn’t cut people out but I didn’t hang out with people — I got lost to the music. What happened is that my senior recital went really well, but after I couldn’t touch a piano for like a month. I had to fast from it because it had become an idol. And so as much as you practice, hang out with friends, go on adventures, read books, and watch movies. It’s okay to enjoy time that’s ‘wasted,’ because enjoyed time isn’t wasted time. So practice, but also just enjoy the experience. Love your friends, love God, and have a good time.”