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Randy Grimm, COO, recognizes God’s provision for campus updates

The past couple of months have been filled with many different updates to the campus, and the next few months will bring even more. The windows in the Education Building and Madison Hall have been replaced. Randy Grimm, Chief Operating Officer at CU, explained that an insurance settlement allowed for the update. “We’re replacing them because of a severe thunderstorm that came through here on March twenty-seventh, 2019. The windows are being supplied by Pello Windows.” Grimm continued, “The storm caused over a million dollars worth of damage. We not only replaced the windows on those two buildings but replaced the roof on the education building and the conference center building. Those roofs should now last for another twenty to twenty-five years.” Grimm went on to express his gratefulness for God’s providence. “That was money that we didn’t have to raise because our insurance covered it. So within all of that, God just provided in huge ways. Once again it just shows God’s goodness to Calvary.” The dorm lounges’ appliances are also being updated. Grimm said, “I would guess that the lounge ovens are the originals that were there when the building was opened which was in 2011. Some of the refrigerators have been replaced throughout the years, but I think even some of those are original. So, they were desperately in need of being updated.” This need was met by the generosity of the senior class who chose to replace the outdated appliances as a senior gift. The final big update being made this summer is the installment of new flooring in the Student Life Center (SLC). Grimm explained that this will “enhance the look of that building on the inside. This new epoxy covering will have a new long-lasting effect on the floor; plus, it will look awesome! When you walk in and see that, it should be eyepopping!” The flooring will be finished by the last week of July. Grimm recognizes that raising money for these updates has shown the love the community has for Calvary. “With the Phone-a-thon, a lot of alumni gave a lot of money to help replace that floor. And of course, at the Feast ‘N Fund, where we raised the rest of that money, that was just friends of Calvary. Which shows that there’s a real love for Calvary in the community.” Alumni and partners of Calvary are not the only ones Grimm is grateful for. “And when you have the student body, who see needs and are willing to step up — through student senate or other ways — and help meet those needs, that says a lot about the student body.” Grimm also feels that this process has shown how God cares for CU. “Everything that’s being done is to benefit the campus, but the ultimate goal is to benefit the students. The flooring in the SLC, the windows in the buildings, and the new appliances — they all have a direct benefit to the students. God’s been good to provide all those things.”