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Weekly Portraits of Calvary Life

God has provided for Calvary yet again!  Our Innovation Center in Fort Morgan, Colorado, now has a library full of resources for use in equipping students for life and service.

The shelves are ready for books.


God provided the 35,000 books in this full university library through the closing of Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska.  The officials at Grace chose to give their entire library to Calvary, and we are so grateful.

35,000 books are waiting to be shelved.

Within a few short months, God has provided a new home for the Kansas City campus library and books to fill the Colorado one.


Getting 35,000 books from Omaha to Fort Morgan is no small task!  However, God provided again.  Keim TS, a trucking company in Sabetha, Kansas, donated their time and a truck to haul the boxes of books to Colorado.  What a blessing!

Keim TS transported the books to Colorado.

Help Needed

Calvary faculty and staff spent a Tuesday Work Day disassembling shelves that were left over from when our Kansas City library moved.

Calvary faculty and staff in Kansas City (pictured: Tressa Shoemaker, Dr. Luther Smith, and Tim Hange) disassembled shelves for the Innovation Center.

The shelves and some furniture were loaded up and driven out to Colorado back in June.

Randy Grimm and John Oglesby loaded shelving to be transported to Colorado.

The shelving has been set up, but the books are still in boxes.

Dave Vande Berg traveled to Colorado to put together the shelves.

We are looking for someone with library knowledge to help put the books in their new home.  If you are interested in helping with that project, please contact Jeff Campa (  We are also looking for a part-time library branch manager for the Innovation Center.  Click here to get more details.

Sara Klaassen

Alumni Relations Coordinator


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