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$188,000 of $200,000 goal

When you give to Calvary, you become part of our students’ lives and their stories and the stories of every soul they reach for Christ.

Lou Priolo attended Calvary in the 1980s, and while here, he was prepared to be used in a great way to help hundreds, thousands, maybe more. Since his graduation, Lou’s work has led many to Lord and extended comfort and care through the scriptures and devotion to Christ. We may never know the extent of Lou’s reach for the Kingdom.

Each year we work to increase this Kingdom-reach CU has by being available for what God has in store. His provision comes from alumni, friends and steward investors like you. Will you be part of the next generation’s stories? As we prepare for next year’s students to arrive, the current budget calls for an additional $200,000 in gift income before June 30, 2024.

This is your invitation to join us by making a financial investment for the next generation to be blessed by this education! Your gift today matters.