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Christopher Cone, Th.D, Ph.D, Ph.D, serves as President of Calvary University and as Research Professor of Bible and Theology. He has formerly served in executive and faculty roles at Southern California Seminary as Chief Academic Officer and Research Professor of Bible and Theology, and at Tyndale Theological Seminary as President and Professor of Bible and Theology. He has served in several pastoral roles and has also held teaching positions at the University of North Texas, North Central Texas College, and Southern Bible Institute. He is the author and general editor of more than a dozen books, including:

– Priority in Biblical Hermeneutics and Theological Method

 Forged From Reformation: How Dispensational Thought Advances the Reformed Legacy (co-edited w/ Dr. James Fazio)

– Life Beyond the Sun: Worldview and Philosophy Through the Lens of Ecclesiastes, 2nd Edition

– Applied Biblical Worldview: Essays on Christian Ethics

– Gifted: Understanding the Holy Spirit and Unwrapping Spiritual Gifts

– Integrating Exegesis and Exposition: Biblical Communication for Transformative Learning

– Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method

– An Introduction to the New Covenant

– Redacted Dominionism: A Biblical Approach to Grounding Environmental Responsibility

– A Concise Bible Survey: Tracing the Promises of God

– Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond: A Theological Collection in Honor of Charles C. Ryrie

– Practical Aspects of Pastoral Theology

– Biblical Sufficiency Applied

His articles are published at

Christopher lives in the Kansas City area with his wife Cathy, and their two daughters, Christiana, and Cara Grace.



Why Does Dispensationalism Matter? (Slides)

Why Does Dispensationalism Matter? (Slides)

Dispensationalism is perceived as irrelevant, because dispensationalists have become inconsistent, and the distinctive method and message is often indiscernible. In this presentation (delivered to the IFCA Northern California Regional Conference near Sacramento, CA), Dr. Christopher Cone discusses the central tenet of dispensational thought and asserts that the power of dispensationalism is not the system itself, […]

Questions and Answers on “Why Women Are Awesome, and What They Should Do About It”

Questions and Answers on “Why Women Are Awesome, and What They Should Do About It”

These are the #calvaryquestions questions and answers from the 10/15 Calvary University assembly presentation: Can you quickly speak to the responsibility for men before God to rightly lead the home ans church and for the woman to let him or better yet enable him to be a strong leader? #CalvaryQuestions — Rob Jordon (@PRobJordon) October […]

Why Women Are Awesome, and What They Should Do About It (Slides)

Why Women Are Awesome, and What They Should Do About It (Slides)

This presentation discusses how God has designed women, her value, her ministries, and her responsibilities. As fellow heirs in Christ, and as created in the image of God, women are indeed incredible. Here is a Biblical perspective on the privilege and responsibility of being a woman…

Hebrews 7-9 (Slides)

Hebrews 7-9 (Slides)

These slides accompany Dr. Cone’s presentation on Hebrews 7-9, delivered to the Duluth Pastors’ Conference. The presentation is intended to help people think through how these chapters fit in the overall context of Hebrews, and to help them understand the writer’s exhortation to live in light of the supremacy of Jesus Christ.  

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