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Retired Lieutenant Colonel John Selman

Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber

March 20 Feast & Fund to Feature Selman and Barber 

Calvary is excited to announce that former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber and retired Lieutenant Colonel John Selman will be attending the 2020 Feast & Fund Auction. Barber and Selman are founders of Gridiron Grunts, an organization that pairs retired military personnel and athletes to speak at events and institutions. Selman said the concept arose from Barber’s idea that “people will turn out to meet professional athletes… but it’s the military who have the stories.”

Gridiron Grunts speaks around the country on a wide variety of topics, specializing in leadership. Selman said, “people are drawn toward leadership. I believe it’s because leadership is hard… Getting the most out of players and soldiers either to win games or battles begins and ends with leadership. Especially in professions where the stakes are high.”

Barber and Selman first heard about Calvary through Selman’s connection with Calvary’s Chief Development Officer William Stebbins. Selman said, “I liked the vision and mission of your organization. When Bill invited Gridiron Grunts to be involved with Feast & Fund, it was a no brainer. We’re excited to lend our support to organizations passionate about spreading the Gospel.”

Barber and Selman will be presenting at Calvary’s Feast & Fund Auction on March 20, 2020. Click here for more information, or to register