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Faculty Profile:

Rebecca Howell

Office: Clark Academic Center

Title: Director of Clark Academic Center; Instructor in English 

Started at Calvary: August 2022

Professional Information: B.A. (English), The Master’s College, 2005; M.A. (English), Clemson University, 2008.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: The students, of course! Calvary students make teaching a joy.

Favorite class to teach: The literature classes. And the writing classes. I enjoy them all. Just not linguistics, please.

Originally from:  St. Paul, MN

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: 

Though my first year at Calvary University, this will be my fourteenth-year teaching literature, writing, and critical thinking from a biblical worldview. I have had opportunities to teach at public university, private Christian, and Classical schools. Each environment presented a unique set of challenges. God used them to stretch and grow me as a teacher, as an employee, and as a believer. It has always been my desire to teach in institutions where the glory of God is primary, and the Word of God is held high. That desire has long coincided with my prayer that God will preserve, and if necessary, raise up institutions of Christian higher education that will remain faithful to Jesus Christ. Part of that prayer has always been that I might be useful, at whatever stage, in the raising up of young people who know and love the Lord, and who are prepared to clearly communicate the hope that is in them. In His kindness God has seen fit to answer that prayer by bringing me to Calvary, and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve Him here amidst so many like-minded brothers and sisters.


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