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Are you or someone you know considering graduate school?

At Calvary University, we’re committed to helping our students succeed in the transition to graduate studies. Consequently, we are now offering a new graduate course.

ED610 Introduction to Graduate Studies is now a prerequisite for all other graduate level courses in the Education Department. As stated in the syllabus, “This course introduces beginning graduate students to the skills necessary to complete graduate level academic research, writing, and presentation assignments. The course covers search strategies, resource evaluation, note taking, scholarly writing, mechanics of style, APA guidelines, presentation options, and associated technological skills.”

A key to success at the graduate level is being able to locate scholarly journal articles. Calvary’s librarian, Tiffany Smith, has prepared audio-visual materials to help new graduate students learn to conduct productive searches of Calvary University’s online research databases.

In addition to these practical skills, this course is also designed to help students navigate the paradigm shift from an undergraduate mindset to a graduate mindset. In particular, students will learn to become more focused on developing their critical reading, critical thinking, and scholarly writing skills as they analyze scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.

After completing ED610 Introduction to Graduate Studies, graduate students should have the basic skills and mindset that will allow them to spend more time focusing on the content of their future graduate courses.

Dr. Mary Briggs, the chair of the Education Department who developed the course, said, “I am thankful for the amazing opportunity God has given us to further equip educators by providing biblically based graduate level studies to students living in various countries around the world.”