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Dual Enrollment Doubles!

Calvary’s Early College program grew rapidly in the past school year, with the number of Dual Enrolled students more than doubling. Early College allows high schoolers to earn college credit while still in high school at the reduced rate of $54 per credit hour. Dual enrollment, a subset of Early College, enables students to take a course through Calvary and earn credit towards their high school and higher education programs simultaneously.

Admissions Team Manager Tammy Pihl said, “Dual Enrollment are those people who generally are attending [Calvary] through a school that’s made an arrangement with us… or a school where a student has made an arrangement with us.” These programs give students a head start on their undergraduate degrees once they graduate high school. Pihl added that, “Homeschooling grows in Missouri by 15% a year, and I think our Early College is on track with that.”

Pihl also noted a growing trend towards Dual Enrollment in public secondary education. “Schools are moving towards partnering with a [university]. What is setting Calvary apart, why it’s growing so fast at Calvary, is our [online]. It’s a much better situation where you can turn on a TV and there’s a teacher talking to your class.” She also added that “our professors are golden,” creating flexible options to work with high schools’ timelines. Calvary’s Early College options provide a great way for students to fast-track their early college at a fraction of the cost of normal tuition.