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“When you choose to focus on God, no matter what’s going on around you, everything comes into perspective.”

Dr. Teddy Bitner began at Calvary University during the 1999-2000 school year as a history teacher. During his first semester, Bitner was still working for the United States Army. Because of this, he commuted to Washington D.C. every week and spent Tuesday to Thursday there. Bitner described his challenging schedule, which meant teaching class at Calvary on Monday nights, and then getting up at four the next morning to leave for the airport.

Throughout the years, Bitner went from being a Part-Time Adjunct Professor to being the Chief Academic Officer and the Vice President of Academics, as well as continuing to teach history classes. “Teaching is my favorite part of my job, especially when I can do it with students in the classroom. This year has been really hard. I’m about to start a Military History class and I will have no in-person students— so that will be a real challenge for me.”

Alongside teaching, Bitner has also been involved in many different student activities. Two of his daughters attended Calvary and have been involved in the theatre department’s productions ever since. Because of this, Bitner has gotten “sucked in” for many years. Bitner also used to travel often with Calvary’s music ensemble on campus.

When thinking over the time Bitner has spent at Calvary, one memory stood out to him. Bitner recounted a time where the campus family mourned the sudden passing of a student. He gathered with students who had paired up in small groups to pray. “His memorial service was held in the chapel. His family wanted to do it down here because this was home for him. His dad, a pastor, spoke at the memorial and it was incredible.” For Bitner, the situation was was both challenging and inspiring at the same time. “It was really amazing to see God work through this situation.”

Keeping his eyes fixed on God is central for Bitner. “That’s what has gotten me through life.” To the students, Bitner encourages them to stay focused on God, no matter what else is going on. “Everything comes into perspective when you do that. And you don’t get bogged down in the minutia of things you have to deal with everyday.”