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Faculty Profile:

Dr. James Clark

Title: Distinguished Guest Lecturer, President Emeritus

Started at Calvary: 1993

Professional Information: B.S. (Music/Christian Education), Calvary Bible College, 1967; M. Div., Trinity Theological Seminary, 1989; Ph. D. (Biblical Counseling), Trinity Theological Seminary, 1992.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: Equipping students to be competent in counseling others biblically to bring about change in the lives of others. It is a great privilege to pass on to the next generation the unchanging truths of the Word of God.

Favorite class to teach: Biblical Counseling in the Local Church

Professional Organization(s): Biblical Counseling Network – A local counseling fellowship that I lead.

Originally from: East St. Louis, Illinois

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: My past ministry/professional experience includes – pastoral background, educational background and serving as a chaplain for a community college, prison ministry and fire department. God called me to Calvary to set up both the undergraduate and graduate Biblical Counseling programs.

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: As a Speaker, working with the Biblical Counseling Network community in KC. I also just completed writing a book: A Biblical Counseling Guide for the Church and Community.

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