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Faculty Profile:

Dr. Christopher Cone

Office: Madison Hall – Administration building; President’s Office

Title: President of Calvary University, Research Professor of Bible & Theology

Started at Calvary: 2016

Professional Information:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Philosophy, University of North Texas, 2011. Dissertation: Redacted Dominionism: An Evangelical and Environmentally Sympathetic Reading of the Early Genesis Narrative.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology, Trinity School of Theology (Kerala, India), 2008. Dissertation: Prolegomena: A Survey and Introduction to Method in Theology, Beginning with Presuppositional Epistemology and Resulting in Normative Dispensational Theology.
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Leadership and Administration, Regent University, 2005.
  • Doctor of Theology (Th.D.), Scofield Graduate School, 2005. Dissertation: The Promises of God: A Synthetic Bible Survey.
  • Master of Biblical Studies (M.B.S.), Scofield Graduate School, 1997.
  • Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.B.S.), Tyndale Biblical Institute, 1996.
  • Undergraduate Studies, Moody Bible Institute, 1992-94.

Professional & Ministry Experience:  As a researcher, educator, and author, I maintain a dual emphasis in Biblical studies and philosophy, appreciating the interplay between the two disciplines. With respect to Biblical studies, I focus on hermeneutic theory, the Biblical-language based exegetical method, and contextual exposition. My philosophical pursuits consider especially the mutual interdependence of theology, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and social-political thought, and how the Bible informs each category. I teach in the classroom and at scholarly meetings and conferences, and am committed to ongoing research and publication. As an academic and institutional leader, I am dedicated to the continual development of personnel at every organizational level through skills assessment, career-track mapping, and mentoring. I also advocate a VERITAS formula for leadership, involving and empowering stakeholders to maximize their potential and influence. I consult with academic institutions and churches to assess and improve their health.

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