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Faculty Profile:

Dave Allen

Title:  Adjunct Faculty, Business Administration

Started at Calvary:  Fall 2018

Professional Information: B.S. (Business Administration – Organizational Leadership), Calvary University, 2017; M.S. (Organization Development), Calvary University, 2018; M.S. (Education), Calvary University, 2020.

Favorite aspect of teaching at Calvary: 
Working with the students to build the next generation of leader for the work God has called us all to. Getting to pour into the students in academics, but more importantly into the relationship they are forging during this season in their lives. As Solomon lays out of us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 there is a time for every season. As I enter my encore career, the enjoyment of help our young students move thru their time in college, and build lasting relationship is greatly rewarding.

Favorite class to teach: 
Anything of the classes that teach Biblical Leadership, and Discipling

Professional Organization(s):
Association United States Army
Grant Professionals Association

Originally from: Evansville Indiana

How did past ministry/professional experience lead to your position at Calvary: 
Having served for 22 years in the United States Army, I gained an understanding the gift of the Holy Spirit was manifested in me to teach and train those willing to learn, how to become leaders. Thru the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I found my way to Calvary University.

Ministry/Professional involvement outside of Calvary: 
Member of Big Creak Baptist church in Pleasant Hill MO. Where I serve as a member of the parse
team, and recently join the security team for the church. And while it is part of Calvary, My wife and I
serve as sponsors of the Lux Voxes (Voices of light) traveling praise band group from Calvary. This
groups performs at 20 to 25 different churches and Christian school thru the year.


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