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Calvary’s Intercultural Club started the semester off strong with a large turnout on Sunday evening.

January’s culture of the month was presented by Karla Aponte, an education major from Puerto Rico. Her first order of business was preparing the meal for everyone. Karla decided on something that the people of Puerto Rico typically have during Christmas time. A delicious pork was cooked for hours to perfection and rice seasoned just so. Potatoes were boiled and stirred together for a Puerto Rican style potato salad, and the kitchen sat coated in the smells of heaven. Everything was simply amazing. Karla truly outdid herself with this fantastic dinner!

Following the meal Karla presented some information on Puerto Rico. We were all introduced to the beauty of the land and the exciting culture of the people. One of the group’s favorite videos was about what Christmas caroling is like for Puerto Rican people. A large group of people were shown marching up to houses while playing a variety of instruments. The homeowners invited them in as they marched around singing and playing their Christmas tunes. Everyone certainly left with the desire to visit the stunning country of Puerto Rico.

The Intercultural Club Hangout was a great time of getting to know new friends and catching up with old ones. With a total of 38 individuals coming in and out during the event, there was no shortage of people to talk to! It was a delight to see so many students and friends come, and we hope to see them all back next time.