Nikao Leadership Institute

The Nikaó Leadership Institute is designed to equip you with leadership skills necessary to impact the world for eternity.

International Club

International students and staff, MKs, and anyone else interested in building cross-cultural relationships are welcome!

Missions Committee

The various missions awareness activities held throughout the school year can only be maintained over the long-term by maintaining a recognized organizational structure that creates continuity and authority. The Missions Committee provided needed structure and yet allows for the creativity and ingenuity that has long characterized this group of students.


At Calvary, we want to teach you how to tell a great story dramatically, we want to involve you in telling a great story with your life! A great story has a character at its center who wants something so badly, he overcomes great obstacles to get it. Sound familiar? Sound like the Story of Jesus through the ages? Sound like your story?


Haystack is a time for current Calvary students/staff/faculty to gather and pray for our alumni missionaries serving God around the world. We gather to hear stories and read newsletters, pray, worship and frequently hear from guests about what is currently going on in their ministries both here and abroad.



The Music Department provides quality training and ministry opportunities for students desiring to serve through music. Students of all majors are involved in music learning and ministry through private lessons, music courses, concerts, musicals, chapel music, Masterworks Chorus, and music groups during the school year and in the summer.


Student Senate  

Calvary University has existed since 1932 and has an immensely rich heritage of training men and women “to live and serve in the church and the world according to the biblical worldview.” We in student senate are committed to that same mission and exist to serve the student body by providing opportunities, direction, and resources for the overarching purpose of aiding in the spiritual growth of student life.


Luke Pauli

Student Body President


Welcome to the Student Senate section of the website! This has been many months in the making and I hope you find it beneficial. Having a presence on Calvary’s website has been a long-term vision of mine and I am excited to have a presence for the student body on the website. I have been working to create a greater voice for all of our students, and one way for that to happen is through the website. This is only the beginning, in the future we will have much more content on this page.

I am also excited to have another vision of mine solidified. An area that we could do better in is creating student life here on Calvary’s campus and beyond. One way that we interact is through social media and I wanted to capitalize on that great asset. A few weeks ago we launched Calvary Student Life which is a Facebook group for all current Calvary students. The idea behind this group is to create a cohesive community where students can post about events happening that involve you. Whether it is a movie night in the lounge, dodgeball in the gym, or a myriad of other things, Calvary Student Life is the new hub for all life here at Calvary.

I have many other things in the works, but those will be seen in the near future. As always I desire your input, I represent you! Please let me know any ideas, questions or concerns you have about anything relating to Student Senate. I am here to serve you so feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you all for your commitment, you are valued! May you continue to find your strength and guidance in Christ and have a great rest of the school year.


For Calvary,

Luke Pauli ‘18
CU Student Body President 2017-Present