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Christian Leaders’ Conference

9am – 6pm February 17, 2020

$25 Registration Fee (includes lunch & dinner)


9:15 CST  Welcome & Orientation | Dr. Christopher Cone

9:35 CST  The Difference Between a Discipline and a Worldview | Dr. Luther Smith

10:35 CST  Break

11:05 CST  Deconstructing Psychology | Dr. Christopher Cone

Panel Discussion

12:10 CST  Lunch Break

1:05 CST  The Priority of Scripture | Dr. Thomas Baurain

2:05 CST  Break

2:15 CST  Where Wisdom Is Found | Dr. Jeff Cox

3:15 CST  Break

3:25 CST  Specific Distinctiveness of This Approach: Consistent Application of Literal Grammatical Historical Hermeneutic | Dr. Luther Smith

4:25 CST  Break

4:35 CST  CU Church Cohort Presentation | Bill Stebbins

4:55 CST  General Distinctiveness of This Approach: A Discipline Born from the Biblical Worldview Followed | Dr. Christopher Cone

6:00 CST  Conference Summary/Closing | Dr. Luther Smith


Calvary University’s Student Life Center

512 Bong Ave., Belton, MO 64012

Live-streamed to Calvary’s interactive teaching sites in Fort Morgan, CO, and Warrenton, MO!

Dr. Christopher Cone

Dr. Christopher Cone

CU President, Research Professor of Bible and Theology

Dr. Luther Smith

Dr. Luther Smith

Dean of the College, Department Chair of Biblical Counseling, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling

Dr. Jeffrey Cox

Dr. Jeffrey Cox

Program Director of Graduate Biblical Counseling, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling

Dr. Thomas Baurain

Dr. Thomas Baurain

Dean of CU Seminary, Professor of Bible and Theology

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