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The Center for Interdisciplinary Creation Studies

Calvary University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Creation Studies provides a context in which to consolidate the research of individual creation science fields.

The structure of the center provides for execution and dissemination of research, collaboration between accordant organizations, and instruction in available creation resources.

Think Tank

Assessing the current state of creation science studies in various fields and supporting ongoing research based in the original biblical texts.

Clearing House

The purpose of the Clearing House is to be a resource for Calvary University and other compatible schools and creationist organizations and to provide network among these institutions.


CICS serves in the role of coordinator, working toward offering courses on creation science, hosting creation conferences, and conducting field trips.

2019 Creationists' Bulwarks & Frontiers Conference

Oct 30 – Nov 1

Leading Creation Researchers to Meet at Calvary University to Assess the Status of Creation Studies in their Individual Disciplines