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2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

Talitha Jones is stepping into the role of Director of International Services.

“I think that when you start to cross different cultural bridges you find a lot of beauty… our Creator shines through each culture in a new way.”


Talitha Jones graduated this spring with her bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology and a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Prior to graduation, Jones worked with Calvary’s International Student Services department, “doing a lot of the campus life, English help [and] everyday support for our international students.” Now, as Director of International Services, Jones will work with admissions and international students, “overseeing the visa processes and providing support needed to receive and maintain valid visas, as well as supporting our international students with their needs and with their campus life.”

Jones understands the culture shock of studying in a foreign country from her own time studying overseas. She said, “It’s a big step and, even though each journey is different, there is a level of understanding that I think I am able to use when working alongside our students while they adjust to their new life at Calvary.” Her studies in TESOL also prepared her for her new position. Jones said her minor is especially useful “because I hold conversation groups with our international students, where we discuss grammar, read articles, talk about phrasal verbs, and just practice speaking English.”

Working with International Services originally attracted Jones with the beauty of its diversity, and how “In every culture there is something to learn.” As she prepares for the coming school-year, Jones is excited to learn and grow as she helps Calvary’s students with the logistics of a new culture. “I think that when you start to cross different cultural bridges you find a lot of beauty. I think that our Creator shines through each culture in a new way, so as you begin to learn about different ones, you begin to see God in a new and awesome light.”

Jones graduated with her bachelor’s degree this spring.

Jones and Ai Matsueda prepare a meal at Calvary’s International Club.

Graduating with Highest Honors, Jones was recognized for Excellence in Missions and the Bible and Theology Award, among others.

Graduating Class Presents Gift to Warrior Café

Graduating Class Presents Gift to Warrior Café

Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presents the gift to President Campa.

“This year’s senior gift is to give back to the place that has made our college life.”

Each year, Calvary’s graduating class presents a senior gift as part of the graduation awards presentations. The Senior class of 2020 chose to honor the Warrior Café and the impact it has had on their time at Calvary, presenting a gift of new furniture to the Café, as well as maintenance for the Café’s espresso machine.

Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presented the gift to Interim President Jeff Campa. Ouchi said, “When I think about my college life, there’s one special place for me: that’s the Warrior Café.” He commented on the Café’s central role on campus, not only as a place to get coffee, but as a place for homework, friendship, and learning. Ouchi said, “I went to the Café because there was fellowship, because there were Bible studies, and also I could do homework,” though he admitted, “most of the time, I ended up not doing homework.”

In gratitude for the community fostered at the Café, this year’s senior gift “is to give back to the place that has made our college life… so students and faculty and professors can continue growing in faith and having fellowship.” The installation of new furniture and maintenance on the expresso machine will take place this summer before the new school year begins. Ouchi said, “We as a Senior class hope that this gift will help you to grow in faith and grow in fellowship for many years to come.”

New tables and chairs for the Café arrived earlier this month.

Ouchi gave a speech announcing the senior class’s gift at Awards Banquet.

The Warrior Café provides a variety of coffees, smoothies, snacks, and other drinks.

2020 Grad Teaching Internationally This Fall

2020 Grad Teaching Internationally This Fall

“I’ve learned that education is, at its core, the same everywhere, especially for Christian education.”

Elizabeth Viens graduated this spring with her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In the fall, she’ll be teaching 3rd grade at an international school in Southeast Asia. Viens said, “Since I was about 10 years old, I noticed that I just had a really big desire to go internationally. I love traveling and people groups. I have a heart for the world and for lost people.”

Calvary was a top choice for Viens, who lived in the Kansas City area. She chose the education program because, “I’ve always loved kids; loved teaching. It was always kind of on my radar. I wanted something that I could do in a ministry context, not just the professional world.”

Viens has traveled to several schools abroad while at Calvary, visiting Russia, China, and Mexico. She said, “I’ve learned that education is, at its core, the same everywhere, especially for Christian education. Even though it may look different to different people groups, the goal is still to inform minds to be more like Christ and impact the world for his kingdom.”

Viens will be teaching through the organization Teach Beyond. She first encountered Teach Beyond when their reps visited Calvary’s campus, and she “felt like that was God saying, ‘here’s your direction.’”

As she puts her degree to work, Viens is excited for this opportunity to teach internationally. “I think as an educator, I’m helping prepare the next generation of people to be logical and sound thinkers, to have a knowledge of God and his word, and … preparing them to serve in the world wherever they go.”

2020 Graduate Samuel Tschetter Replacing 2018 Graduate Rachel Hontz in Student Development Role

2020 Graduate Samuel Tschetter Replacing 2018 Graduate Rachel Hontz in Student Development Role

Samuel Tschetter (left), joined by his sister Abigail and CU Head Basketball Coach Matt Sanders, was recognized on Senior Night for his contribution to the basketball broadcasts. 

“I like to think that I have been prepared to work, and serve, others well.”

Samuel Tschetter, who graduates from Calvary this spring with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, will be taking over the role of Student Life Coordinator. For the past year, Tschetter has been working with Student Development through the CAMS program doing administrative and work to assist the current ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, who is moving on after graduating from CU last May.

Tschetter said there were several factors that influenced his interest in the position. “I really enjoyed what I was doing [this past year] and am glad that I’ll be able to continue to do it. Also, being able to be around Calvary for at least another year was a big draw; I have some family going to school here… and I have been doing play-by-play for the athletics broadcasts and it looks like I will be able to continue that in some capacity, which is exciting.”

The role of Student Life Coordinator has two sides, “A lot of the residence life coordinator half of the role is taking care of the dorms and the students that live in the dorms. Letting maintenance know when things in the dorms need fixed, getting sign out sheets to RDLs before breaks, doing chapel attendance, things of that nature which directly involve the residents’ lives on campus.” On the student development office manager side “is things like making sure that dorm students have the proper health forms filled out and filing those, putting students on meal plans, scheduling meetings for the deans, and more administrative type tasks.”

The interpersonal position of Student Life Coordinator will give Tschetter opportunities to continue growing in his ministry and administrative experience. He said, “Obviously a big part of any kind of ministry is working with people, and that is a huge part of this job as well. I like to think that I have been prepared to work, and serve, others well.”  He also mentioned his familiarity with Calvary’s system “and knowing how things work is a big help, which is not something specifically tied to my degree, but more to my education as a whole.”

Outgoing ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, graduated last May. 

Outgoing ResLife Coordinator, Rachel Hontz, will be missed by everyone on campus for her joyful personality as well her contributions to the spiritual lives of students.

Student Development Stays Connected Despite Social Distancing

Student Development Stays Connected Despite Social Distancing

RDDs Micah Wildason and Zak Kirkman.

Challenging circumstances create opportunities for growth

Social distancing has created an unusual environment on Calvary’s campus, but Student Development’s Resident Discipleship Directors (RDDs) and Resident Discipleship Leaders (RDLs) are finding creative ways to keep connected with the student body.

RDD Charissa Harwerth said, “Some of the RDLs are still having devos over zoom or other video chatting software. These have been really impactful for the students who are at home to still connect with each other and with their RDL.”

Other RDLs are staying in touch and encouraging students through texting, phone calls, or getting coffee, praying, and going on walks. Harwerth said, “I try to keep up with the girls that I was working with, and I keep up with intentional conversations and asking probing questions.”

The need for creativity is shaping the student body remaining on campus. Harwerth said, “For the few of us here I think that it will push some people closer to each other and into deeper relationships and others to finding new ways to cope with anxiety. For the most part, I think that once this is over the student body will bounce back well for next year… Because we are all living through this together, we all have a sense of understanding for others and how difficult this is.”

Maintaining relationships within the social distancing guidelines takes a lot of intentionality, but also provides rich rewards. RDL Brooke Glaszczak said, “I try to look for people who are in need of something (whether that be a reminder of truth or some encouragement), and I try to help meet that need however I can. Students have walked through some difficult things, yet they have also seen firsthand God’s faithfulness and providence at work. God has calmed anxious hearts. He has provided spiritual refreshment.”

RDL Jenny Her noticed that, “it has taught a lot of students to lean on one another to get through this. I have been so encouraged to see how much the students are still pouring into one another despite the pandemic!”

RDL Logan Hiskey pointed out that, “A lot of the ways in which we do that have changed, but our goal of serving the student body for Christ hasn’t changed.” The changing circumstances themselves have created opportunities for growth. Jenny Her said, “[It] can honestly be pretty frustrating because I want to do so much! But at the root of it all, I think God is just teaching me to sit back a little and just trust in Him.”

As the semester ends and students prepare to return home, Glaszczak noted. “While many of us are still waiting and wondering how God is specifically going to use the messiness of the current circumstances, we are sure of God’s faithfulness to work all things for our good and His glory. We trust that He is still in control and reigning on the throne.”

Zeb Green Joins 1000 Point Club

Zeb Green Joins 1000 Point Club

Zebulun Green started his basketball career during his sophomore year of high school at Lighthouse Christian Preparatory School in Abbeville, Louisiana. He was one of the starting five for the team by the time he was a junior. In his three years of high school basketball, Green won multiple awards. During his senior year, Green was announced Most Valuable Player and was presented with the Christian Attitude Award. His team also won the Varsity Basketball State Championship in 2015.

Coach Matt Sanders recruited Zebulun and his brother Hajj Green, cousin Elijah “Shook” Bolden, and friend Kalif Spraggins to play NCCAA Division II basketball at CU. All four men signed to play for Calvary in 2016. During Green’s freshman year at Calvary, he was awarded Second Team All-Conference and Honorable Mention All-American.

During Zeb’s sophomore year he took a hit as he tore his ACL during a game on November 6th, 2017. This was one of the hardest trials he had experienced. This ACL injury took a substantial toll on both his physical and mental health. It was during this time that Green held onto the promises of God. He lived by one of his life verses, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This was proven to be true during his road to recovery.

Green had surgery on his ACL in March of 2018. Immediately after surgery, Green began the healing process at SERC Physical Therapy in Belton, Missouri. With the help of many therapists, whom Green still keeps in contact with, he was improving faster than expected.   Green stayed in Kansas City during the summer of 2018 to continue physical therapy. It was also during this time that he was employed with a bus company in Belton working hard, physical labor. Between his physical therapy, job, diet, and daily workouts, Green lost about sixty pounds that summer.

By the beginning of his junior year, Green was already back on the court. Despite the resistance from wearing an ACL brace, and occasional pain, Green had a phenomenal season. He averaged fifteen points and eight rebounds a game. Green was awarded First Team All-Conference and First Team All-Region.

Green is now finishing his senior year at Calvary with one of the best seasons he has ever had. He is currently averaging eighteen points and ten rebounds a game. He has added fourteen steals and nineteen blocks to his career stats as well. Green has already been presented First Team All-Classic at an NAIA tournament held at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. Today, January 31st, we celebrate that Green has surpassed 1,000 career points in his Calvary career.

Many people have supported Green up until this moment. He is thankful for his parents, Linda and Randy Green. He is thankful for his brothers, sister, sisters-in-law, brother-in-law, and the rest of his incredible family. He is thankful for his girlfriend. He is thankful for his coaches and teammates, both in high school and college. He is thankful for everyone he has met along the way who came to any game to support him. But most of all, Green is thankful for God, who gave him his talent.

There is never a time where Green ceases to give all glory to God. He is a skilled, yet humble athlete.  It was not easy to come this far. It took years of hard work and dedication. Green admits this, but he also admits that despite his efforts, he could have never made it without the help of God.

As Green finishes his senior year of college basketball and graduates from Calvary University in May of 2020, Green only has one plan set before him: To go wherever God takes him.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to have known Zeb Green.  He exemplifies what a Warrior is all about at Calvary University.  Well done Zeb!