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Calvary Wins NCCAA Regional Tournament

Calvary Wins NCCAA Regional Tournament

Warriors advance to first national tournament

Braydon Unruh and Tobias Welling powered the Warriors with 26 and 16 points respectively as the team overcame a #6 seed and an even tougher opponent to defeat #1 seeded Trinity Bible College 80-72. With the win, the Warriors advance to their first NCCAA DII National Championship.” Our go to players played like they were players of the year tonight,” Warrior Head Coach Matt Sanders said. “We’ve been working since October for games like these and we had guys who really stepped up for us to get the win.”

Trinity Bible College beat the Warriors by thirty in December.  They averaged over ninety points per game throughout the season so coming in Calvary knew they needed a fantastic game plan.   They used a lot of shot clock on every possession to slow the game down, but offensively they executed the possessions they had with precision.  Key minutes from Ike Maxwell and Peter Brandel put them over the top as the big three of Braydon Unruh, Ques Harris, and Tobias Welling continued their outstanding production on the season.

Defensively, the goal was to slow the game down and to keep the score in the 70’s.  The team did a great job with this using their full court zone press back into multiple zones. The different zone looks and tough man to man kept Trinity off balance.  Ques Harris was big on the glass with nine boards on the night.

“God has been so faithful,” Sanders said.  “We talked today about what faith is from Hebrews 11:1, and how the evidence of faith is only seen in the hope of Jesus.  All Glory truly goes to Him.  We look forward to hanging this banner in The Pyramid and celebrating what actually took place here tonight.  We continue to set new standards for Calvary Athletics and look forward with great anticipation to the National Tournament.

This is a tremendous accomplishment that is best told through the players themselves.  The rest of this article will be thoughts from the 2020-21 North Region Champions.

Ike Maxwell

“It just finally clicked.  We’ve been so close to each other and we secretly knew we were capable of this. The scary part is that we still haven’t seen our best.  Maybe there was a run or two tonight where it was close, but the best is yet to come. The greatest part about this is that these snippets of net and banner aren’t eternal, and every single person on this team understands that. We know that it is in the conversations and the way we go about things that glorify God.  That banner isn’t anything but a filthy rag compared to the riches we will cast at the feet of Jesus.  It’s not about whose name is in the stat book, It’s about whose name is written in the Lamb’s book.”

D’Marques Harris

“Today was a byproduct of a group of collective individuals coming together and moving as one cohesive unit. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!”

Braydon Unruh

“I am so proud of our team and all the work we have put in.  I am also extremely grateful and humbled by God’s faithfulness.  All glory goes to HIM!”

Zak Kirkman

“I would not want to play with any other group of brothers.  Every single person on this team works with an attitude to please the Lord in everything they do.  May God be glorified each time we step onto the court!”

Peter Brandel

“We play this game to worship Jesus as brothers in Christ.  Today’s game was a reflection of all the hard work and sacrifice that was put in by each person on this team.  We compete to win every game, but more importantly we compete to glorify God.  Today we were able to do both. All for HIM!”

Coleson Voran

“There has been so much uncertainty this season with COVID that every game was a blessing.  Seeing everyone go out and battle today, and now having the opportunity to compete at Nationals is overwhelming.  It’s obvious God has been working.”

Tobias Welling

“Tonight, we made the decision that losing just wasn’t an option.  We did this by believing in one another, loving one another, and never giving up on each other.  This was only possible by remembering what Christ did for us.  He never gives up on us, and He loves us so much that He died on the cross for our sins.  As we play, we strive to remember this truth and show it to others with our words and our actions.”

Seth Hower 

“Being able to just be a part of this team and cheering on the guys from the sideline as we battled was an absolute blessing. When the clock finally hit 0 it was an unbelievable feeling!”

Jamaal Smith

“I’ve never been a part of a team that has had this big of a positive impact on me.  I am thankful and blessed to be here.  We are truly a family.  All praise to God!”

Joseph Morrow

“I’ve never played on a team with people that love each other like we do.  We didn’t make this happen with one or two people.  We all believed in each other from day one, even when things weren’t going our way.  All Glory to God!”

Robby Bollinger

“What I witnessed today was unbelievably amazing.  Seeing a group of guys come together and believe in each other while executing like we did was AWESOME!”

Jesse House 

The Lord brought every person together to fulfill each of their roles and to shine for Him.  All of it points back to Him.  It was a blessing to do my part in taking stats and cheering on the team to lift them to a championship!”

Dr. Granados is intent on fulfilling Calvary’s mission

Dr. Granados is intent on fulfilling Calvary’s mission

“Presidents come and go. What endures is the mission.”

“In academic institutions we always have a change that is coming,” said Dr. Alexander Granados, the new president of Calvary University, who officially took office on the first business day of 2021. “We have students who come, and obviously they graduate. There are faculty and staff that as they grow professionally, sometimes the Lord will transition them to new jobs. Presidents come and go. What endures is the mission of the institution.”

And Dr. Granados is intent on making sure Calvary stays focused on that enduring mission. “As I come in as the new president,” he said, “the mission remains. So, I’m not changing the mission. My job is not to change it. It is to fulfill it.”

On December 15, 2020, the CU Board of Trustees announced the hiring of Dr. Granados. Tom Zobrist, Chairman of the Board of Trustees said, “Dr. Granados comes to us with an extensive knowledge of higher education, business, fundraising, and strategic planning. But, more importantly, we know him to be a man of great faith and humility.”

Dr. Granados was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and migrated to the United States with his family when he was 10 years old. He became a Christian as a teenager while living in Southern California. In 1992, he enrolled at UCLA where he studied international relations and comparative politics.

“The Lord was working in my heart, as I matured in faith and life,” he said. “I got more involved at church as the college and young adult pastor and recognized that I love to teach and preach. I realized that although I was preparing to go to law school, I really enjoyed ministry and my friends encouraged me to consider utilizing my gifts of administration and teaching in Christian higher education.”

In 1995, he attended seminary at The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California, where he earned his Master of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees. In 2008, he earned his PhD in Intercultural Education from Biola University in La Mirada, California.

In addition, he has extensive experience in leadership. He has served as a President, Associate Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Academic Dean. He has served in three other institutions: The Master’s University, Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama, and most recently Piedmont International University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He has led administratively and pastorally among diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, gender, disability, and ethnic communities. He has held administrative positions in both domestic and international for-profit and non-profit organizations.

He also brings to Calvary a broad background of research and scholarly interest. He has studied the interaction of international and domestic factors in educational, religious, social, political, and economic development of Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America; educational strategies for children displaced due to war and violence; the historical, religious, and cultural factors that influence classical and modern Jewish Education; academic and spiritual development; theological and biblical method of missions; church planting and multiplication, and urban ministry and planning.

Dr. Granados is excited to bring his training and experience to Calvary University.

“The history of Calvary now becomes part of my story,” he said. “The legacy of faithful men and women who earnestly pray and sacrificially give in ways that we can barely imagine becomes my precious heritage. I’m responsible for maintaining the Christian focus in the mission of the university in such a way as to preserve a pervasive Christian influence throughout the entirety of our campus culture. I’m entrusted with the health and integrity — financial, academic and institutional — of the university, what an amazing honor and privilege.”

Dr. Granados takes the helm during a time of great uncertainty and many challenges. But he also noted that this is not the first time God’s people have faced uncertainty and challenges.

He said, “Let us ponder for a moment: in the midst of the Great Depression, Calvary University opened its doors. Right? We have been blessed by those heroes of the faith who were obedient to God’s calling. The immensity of the task before them and the scarcity of resources did not discourage them. We stand on the shoulders of giants and are blessed to be the stewards of the institution they envisioned. Their vision to equip servant leaders for Christian living and service worldwide through being an institution of academic and spiritual excellence continues to be our strategic objective. The mission of Calvary University to produce graduates who are biblically grounded, spiritually mature and culturally relevant remains our fundamental purpose.”

By Kara Adams

“I live the dream of my countrymen, and I live with that burden.”

Dr. Alexander Granados, Calvary University’s new president, was born in Bogota, Colombia. He and his family migrated to the United States — more specifically, the state of California — when he was ten years old.

He is quick to express his gratitude for the opportunities he has received in the US.

“I get to live the dream of many of my countrymen, and I carry that burden. Knowing that my days are their dreams. I have been blessed with great education and I have been blessed with great opportunities to serve the Lord. Many of them are in villages and in frontline ministries, that they dream of educational opportunities, that those are my realities. To be in academic institutions like Calvary — that’s my reality. And because of that, I live my dream, but I live the dream of many people. As a Colombian, as a latin person, I’m very blessed, very blessed.”

Dr. Granados met his wife, Dorian, at church shortly after attending seminary. They have been married for 23 years, and have known each other for 29.

She is my helpmate and gently calls me every day to be a godly man,” he said. “Marriage has been for me an opportunity to recognize areas in my life where I need to grow. I praise God each day for His wonderful gift, Dorian.”

They have adopted two daughters: Emma is 16 and was adopted from China, and Sophia is 14 and was adopted from Colombia.

Dr. Granados enjoys involving his family in whatever is happening on campus.

“We like to host a lot in our home,” he said. “For them to meet the people that I work with, the people that I’m serving with, and the people that I’m serving. And in that way for them to begin to understand what it is that I do.” Dr. Granados explained that Dorian enjoys having students into their home. “She does crafts and games and all kinds of cooking and sometimes, like, you know, survival guide to cooking in the dorm room.”

Dr. Granados also discussed his desire to not neglect his family while performing well at his job. He said he has seen it happen many times where a person gets so engrossed in their ministry or job that they end up neglecting their family and making them “widows and orphans.”

He continued, “We have always just tried to be very intentional. I don’t want my wife to be a widow and I don’t want my children to be orphans, and to feel like they’ve always got to compete with the church or the school. But instead to make them very much a part of that life. Because my desire is that the things that I love that they would love.”

Dr. Alexander Granados Named President of Calvary University

Dr. Alexander Granados Named President of Calvary University

From Pastor Tom Zobrist, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Calvary University:

The Board of Trustees of Calvary University is pleased to announce the hiring of Dr. Alexander Granados as our new incoming President, effective January 4, 2021.

Dr. Granados comes to us with an extensive knowledge of higher education, business, fundraising, and strategic planning.  But, more importantly, we know him to be a man of great faith and humility.

We so appreciate the vast Calvary family that has prayed with us through this extensive interview process. We feel that God has answered our prayers in a most gracious manner.

We will release more information in the New Year so until then, have a blessed holiday season celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus and the great hope we have in Him in the New Year!

Rev. Tom Zobrist, Chairman of the CU Board of Trustees

Get to know Dr. Granados

Below are three recent Calvary chapels featuring Dr. Granados during the candidating process.

Acknowledgement and Commitment

Acknowledgement and Commitment

Note: The following document is written in the first person because it represents what all those living or working on Calvary’s campus will be asked to “acknowledge” and “commit” to this year. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Development Department. 


All members of Calvary University have an important role to play in keeping our fellow students and Calvary University community safe by doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As a member of the Calvary community, I know that I must take steps to stay well in order to help protect others and promote a safe return to campus for all members of the Calvary community. Because of this, I agree to take responsibility for my own health and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Calvary University trusts God’s sovereignty and goodness during this pandemic, but also acknowledges that we must also take personal responsibility for our actions. One of Calvary University’s highest priorities is the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. I know that by engaging in campus activities, including attending classes, pursuing my education, living on campus, eating in the dining halls, attending activities, and participating in sports and recreation, I may be exposed to COVID-19 and other infections. I also understand that despite all reasonable efforts by the university, I can still contract COVID-19 and other infections. In order to reduce my risk, I agree to be an active participant in maintaining my own health, wellbeing and safety, as well as the safety of others, by making every effort follow the guidelines and expectations outlined by the university.

As more information is gathered and known, I understand that Calvary University may modify these guidelines and expectations. It is my responsibility to make every effort to keep myself apprised of these changes to help protect myself and the university community.

It is my Pledge to protect myself, my peers, and the Calvary Community by doing the following:

  • Agree to testing for COVID-19 and potential subsequent self-quarantining if I am identified as a contact of anyone who has been determined to be positive for COVID-19.
  • If I test positive for COVID-19, I agree to self-quarantine in a designated location until:
    • My symptoms have resolved, and
    • It has been at least fourteen days since the start of my symptoms, and
    • I have a negative COVID-19 test result.
  • Timely report any known or potential exposures to COVID-19 to the ResLife team and/or supervisor
  • Monitor for the following symptoms:
  • If I develop the above symptoms to contact either the health department or my health care provider, and to follow their instructions, which may include being tested for COVID- 19 and self-quarantining while the test results are pending, and/or being evaluated by a qualified health care provider.
  • Stay at home or in my room if I am feeling sick.
  • Participate fully and honestly with the Reslife team and university, the Student Dean’s Office, or Human Resources for contact tracing to determine whom I might have potentially exposed to COVID-19. · Wear a mask or the appropriate PPE where required by campus authorities and in accordance with the law.
  • Practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Frequently wash and/or sanitize my hands.
  • Keep my personal space, shared common space, and my belongings clean.
  • Respecting the precautions of others and the choices they make to ensure their own safety.

I understand COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus and it is possible to develop and contract the COVID-19 disease, even if I follow all of the safety precautions above and those recommended by the CDC, local health department, and others. I understand that although the university is following the coronavirus guidelines issued by the CDC and other experts to reduce the spread of infection, I can never be completely shielded from all risk of illness caused by COVID-19 or other infections. I agree to hold Calvary University harmless in the event of contracting COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, in exchange for the ability to participate in in-person classes, programs, and activities at Calvary University.

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the commitment above. I also acknowledge that these expectations and agreement are a condition of my participation in in-person classes, programs, and activities at Calvary University, and that any failure to comply with the commitment above may lead to immediate removal from classes, programs, and activities and restriction from certain areas of campus or even campus as a whole. These expectations are for the entire Calvary Community and understand that continued employment and/or participation in Calvary programs, activities, and events constitutes my agreement to abide by these standards.

I take this commitment seriously and will do my part to protect the Calvary community.