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Soccer Team Performs Well in OT Loss

Soccer Team Performs Well in OT Loss

Belton, MO  – Despite a strong first-time performance for the 2021 Warriors, the Ozark Christian Ambassadors still managed to come out on top.  Ozark secured a dramatic score during overtime to get the golden goal that gave them the game. Jeovany Castillo found Bayron Mendez for his first collegiate goal to put Calvary on the board.   This goal gave the team some much needed momentum after Ozark had taken an early 0-1 lead. There were many shots on goal that did not find the back of the net and the teams went into the half tied at 1-1. Early in the second half, Cobi Keel received the ball outside the 18 yard box, and found the back of the net on the far post for Calvary to go up 2-1.   Keel secured his brace when Kobe Borden found Keel on the outside as he went one on one with the keeper to score.   Ozark scored off a cross as the game was winding down to tie it at 3-3.   Ozark scored early in the overtime period to seal the win.   The Warriors as already mentioned, performed well as a new team and showed a significant amount of class. They did struggle with impatience when attempting attacks and playing the ball through. The team hopes to improve in this area as they continue to prepare for the rest of the season. The Warrior’s next match will be a home game on September 4 against Barclay College.

Calvary University Gains Colorado Authorization

Calvary University Gains Colorado Authorization

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education approves Calvary University to operate as a degree-granting institution in Colorado.


Kansas City, MO, December 9, 2019 — Calvary University continues to innovate in Christian higher education by gaining the unanimous consent of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) to offer a full range of degrees (Bible, Theology and Liberal Arts) through the Calvary University Innovation Center (CUIC) in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Dr. Christopher Cone, president of Calvary University (CU), announced on Thursday, December 5, that Vice President of Western Initiatives and Director of CUIC, William George, along with CU‘s Vice President of Student Development, Cory Trowbridge, met with CCHE Chair Tom McGimpsey, and the CCHE Board of Commissioners where CU received the official approval “to operate as an authorized private, degree-granting institution in Colorado pursuant to the Degree Authorization Act.” 

I want to thank the CCHE,” said Dr. Cone, “for the opportunity to serve the people of Colorado. We’re excited about being able to present these robust programs. This has been a very long and difficult journey, but this opens up horizons for CU in Colorado and beyond.” 

Calvary has offered all of its degrees worldwide for some time now through its “blended” model, which allows online students to take courses from anywhere via live stream or video recording, simultaneously with students in the classrooms on the main campus in Kansas City, Missouri. With this approval from the CCHE, CU will be able to offer all of its courses in and through the classrooms at the Fort Morgan site as well.

“Colorado is a big part of CU’s strategic direction,” Dr. Cone added, “so this opens up important doors for us. We’re currently assessing how to best utilize all of our locations.”

Dr. Teddy Bitner, Chief Academic Officer for CU, said, “We’re looking forward to expanding our programs in Colorado. We can now begin to pursue options like teacher education and business degrees that we could not offer before in Colorado.”

“We want to definitely thank Dr. Bitner and the Academic Department, as well as all those who made many and varied submittals,” said George. “Special thanks also to Heather DeLange, Director, Office of Private Postsecondary Education for bringing CU’s authorization to the CCHE. We are now free to offer our full-range of Calvary undergraduate and graduate programs (i.e., Education, Business, Music, Theater, etc.) out of our Colorado site.”

“I want to thank Jeff Campa and Bill George for their incredible labor and sacrifice,” Dr. Cone wrote in a congratulatory email to the CU staff and faculty on Friday. Campa served as Director of the CUIC beginning in December 2017, before being deployed to the Middle East by the U.S. Army as a chaplain in January of this year. At that time, George took the lead role in Fort Morgan. “This is an impossibility without them and their families,” said Dr. Cone. “I extend my congratulations to everyone there in Colorado.”

More information regarding specific degree offerings through the Colorado site is forthcoming. 


Calvary University is an accredited, Bible-centered university that has been preparing Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the Biblical worldview since 1932. CU offers more than 60 accredited undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees, fully online or through the main campus in Kansas City, Missouri, and teaching sites located in Fort Morgan, Colorado, and Warrenton, Missouri. CU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the Commission on Accreditation of the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). Visit for more information about financial aid, to view our catalog, request information or make a donation. 

Calvary University Academy Officially Launched

Calvary University Academy Officially Launched

Calvary’s K-12 school offering quality Christian education in Colorado and worldwide through blended model.

Calvary’s K-12 Academy in Colorado has begun its first independent school year. Calvary University Academy (CUA) was created through a partnership between Calvary University Innovation Center and Riverview Christian School. CUA offers quality Christian education to Morgan County, Colorado, families as well as students worldwide, using Calvary’s blended model of education.

Superintendent Ian Bacon said classes were going well, and students were “settling in getting to know each other and the school.” CUA spent the last school year in transition, and Bacon said, “There is curiosity of what we are doing. We are establishing ourselves within the community now that the transition has occurred.” He deemed it a definite positive response from the local community.

With the transitional period over, this is the first school year CUA has used the blended course structure, and Bacon explained that the response had been good with their online student base. Especially in the upper grades, the format is causing waves of interest. High school students take early college courses streamed from the Kansas City campus. Bacon said, “It has been wonderful watching the students begin the courses and realize they are much more capable than they knew.”

Bacon estimated half of the on-campus students were returning families who were involved in the transition, and half had no prior knowledge of Calvary. As the campus expands, Bacon anticipates the growth that their course structure facilitates. “It is exciting to think that in the future our students in Colorado will be able to interact with classmates around the world!”

For more information about Calvary University Academy, please visit our website or call (970) 842-4604. 

CUA Students performing science experiments.

Upper level students take dual enrollment college courses.

Calvary University PhD in Bible and Theology Approved

Calvary University PhD in Bible and Theology Approved

Calvary University News

KANSAS CITY — In April of 2016 Dr. Christopher Cone announced in his Seven Points for Excellence that Calvary would “begin development of a dual-discipline PhD in Bible and Theology.” Two and a half years later, Calvary University is pleased to announce the formal launch of the 78-hour, dual-discipline PhD in Bible and Theology. The program has been approved by Calvary’s two accreditors, the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Higher Learning Commission, paving the way for the program to launch in January of 2019.

While the program is based at Calvary’s main campus in Kansas City, the program is also structured in such a way that it can be taken completely online through CU’s blended model. The PhD builds on a 36-credit Master of Arts in Bible and Theology, or an equivalent master’s program, and requires competency in both Biblical Hebrew and Greek. If prospective students lack the prerequisite language skills, they can take both languages during the first year of the program.

Calvary’s PhD is designed to produce “expert generalists” who have achieved excellence in Biblical exegesis and exposition with emphasis on the Biblical languages and literal grammatical historical hermeneutics, who contribute to theological research and influence other disciplines, and who are grounded and focused on putting these skills into practice in ministry contexts both within and outside of the church.

For those entering with all the necessary prerequisites, the first year focuses on hermeneutical analysis, exegetical methodology, and beginning dissertation thought and research. During the second year students employ language, hermeneutic, and exegetical skills in researching every chapter of the Bible to address key contextual and theological questions. In the third year students extract a thoroughgoing systematic theology from their exegetical work, and from this backdrop of Biblical and theological work, in the fourth year, PhD students will begin focusing on the dissertation process. The program is designed to be completed within 4-6 years, but can take longer if needed.

Dr. Cone considers the PhD in Bible and Theology to be a significant milestone in Calvary’s 86-year history, calling it “Calvary’s flagship in helping us lead our University initiatives with the Bible at the forefront.” Cone commended the team of faculty and administration who worked during the past several years to see this program launch. “We are deeply thankful for Dr. Teddy Bitner’s and Dr. Gary Gromacki’s leadership in making this vision a reality. It takes an incredible team of people to engage a program like this, and we are grateful for the work of all those who have invested in our students and ultimately in the churches, schools, and people those students will impact.”

Calvary is now accepting applicants to the PhD program. Contact the Admissions Department or Program Director Dr. Gary Gromacki for more information, or to apply for the Calvary University PhD in Bible and Theology program.



Calvary University Signs Agreement to Launch K-12 International School Based in Morgan County, Colorado

Calvary University Signs Agreement to Launch K-12 International School Based in Morgan County, Colorado

KANSAS CITY, MO – Calvary University and Riverview Christian School of Morgan County, Colorado have signed a landmark agreement that creates a partnership between the two schools. Under the agreement, the 2018-19 academic year will be a transitional year, designed to maximize continuity for the local students, while both organizations move toward a full acquisition of Riverview Christian School operations by Calvary University at the end of the transitional year. At that point the Riverview Christian Board will become the Advisory Board for the new academy, as the school rebrands as Calvary University Academy. The new academy will function as a laboratory school, and will offer education in the university model, with three days of formal instruction and two days of individualized learning and application for students.

Calvary University Academy will provide instruction using the unique blended model from Calvary University classrooms, with video recorded classroom experience, and online and campus students learning and interacting together. Calvary University and Riverview Christian School officials are excited that this approach will help Calvary University Academy to be accessible not just to traditional Christian school students, but also to homeschool students around the globe, ultimately making it easier for parents to choose Bible-centered education for their children. The agreement will also provide significant scholarships for all historic RCS graduates to attend Calvary University.

The agreement between Calvary and Riverview is a reflection of Riverview’s longstanding commitment to ensuring that there is quality Christian education available to Morgan County families and youth, and is an expression of Calvary University’s commitment to providing globally accessible, quality, and affordable Bible-centered education that prepares Christians for excellence in life and service in the church and in the world according to the biblical worldview.

Riverview Christian School is in the process of relocating from its historic campus (which RCS leaders are working to sell to a Christian ministry or church) to Calvary University’s Innovation Center in Fort Morgan, Colorado, and is now enrolling for the 2018-2019 academic year.

For questions regarding the agreement between CU and RCS, enrollment at RCS for the Fall,  or to inquire about purchasing the old Riverview campus, RCS can be reached at 970-842-4604, and CU can be reached by emailing