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Calvary TESOL professor Tim Hange takes new role in English and Communications Department.

Tim Hange joined Calvary’s faculty in 2017 as International Student Services Director and TESOL Coordinator. In the Fall 2020 semester, Hange will be joining the English and Communications department faculty while continuing to teach some TESOL courses. Hange said, “I’m very excited to bring what I’ve learned into the department and help students delve more deeply into the tradition.”

Hange is currently finishing a doctoral program in English pedagogue with a focus on teaching the English language. He said, “My primary entry into English teaching was TESOL,” though his current studies at the doctoral level have been focused on British Literature, which he will be putting to work teaching British Literature I in Cycle 2.

The theories of written and spoken communication hold a special fascination for Hange. “To some degree, all communication comes to us through words… the written word is capable of permanently capturing an amazing range of things from the human experience, stories that deserve to be told over and over.” He commented that the mental acuity required for literature studies helps us become better thinkers overall. “As we explore the amazing configuration of those words in literature, I think we are shaped more into the image of God… and the depth of thinking that is required, being people who possess His image.”

Hange is eager to bring his knowledge and experience in the field of literature studies to students at Calvary. “To teach somebody to communicate or to become a better communicator is a very enriching and beautiful thing. And for me, I just find it very inspiring to be part of that process.”

Hange with graduates Xiaofei He, Yang Zhang, and Qing-long Liang at 2019 Commencement.


A group of students play a board game with Hange at the SLC.