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Kansas City, MO: Answering an increasingly recognized need for more individualized and specialized career training, Calvary University has announced the launch of the Warrior’s Choice degree option. Warrior’s Choice is a program that initially provides eleven concentrated and specialized Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degrees designed to produce more versatile graduates skilled in complementary career and ministry disciplines. Warrior’s Choice is designed to help graduates be better able to engage vocations and ministry from a broader perspective and be better equipped for bi-vocational ministry. While the Warrior’s Choice program will add emphases in coming months, the initial eleven areas of emphasis include:

  • Bible, Theology, and Pastoral Ministries
  • Pastoral Ministry and Leadership
  • English Literature and English Language Learner (ELL) Studies
  • Business and English Language Learner (ELL) Studies
  • Intercultural and English Language Learner (ELL) Studies
  • Intercultural Aviation
  • Counseling and Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry and Worship Arts
  • Performing Arts (Music and Theatre)
  • Business and Music
  • Business and Theatre

The Warrior’s Choice degree option is now open for student enrollment, and Calvary University invites prospective students to apply. Calvary University offers seventy degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and seminary levels, during six academic cycles per year, so that students have more options for beginning their studies throughout the year rather than being limited by the traditional two semester calendar. Most courses offered at Calvary’s Kansas City campus and Calvary’s Innovation Center in Colorado are offered in a blended model, so that those courses taught on campus are also available online. Through the blended model almost all of Calvary University degrees can also be completed online. For more information contact Calvary University’s Admissions Department.