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Calvary student Elise Godsey studied in Greece this year as part of an articulation agreement with Greek Bible College.

“My walk with God definitely grew…”

Calvary Junior Elise Godsey spent the 2019-2020 school year studying in Athens, Greece through Calvary’s articulation agreement with Greek Bible College. She attended for two semesters, studying with other students in the school’s international program (ISP). Godsey said, “This year especially, we got to have a really diverse group,” with students from Greece, America, Canada, Macedonia, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

Calvary’s articulation agreement allows students to function as transfer students, taking courses through Greek Bible College and transferring them toward their degree at Calvary. Godsey said not every course transfers, but “it’s class-by-class figuring it out.” She was enrolled full time, and audited courses of interest that wouldn’t transfer towards her degree. She said the cost of attending added up to be “about the same as a semester at Calvary” and the school environment was very similar to her experiences at Calvary, “a laid-back type of atmosphere, and the professors were very personable.”

Greek Bible College rotates through courses, and Godsey was able to take classes on Bible survey, history of missions, apostles, and the Greek language. Chapel services were held in Greek with a translator, but “all of the classes were in English; everyone knew English really well.”

The ISP students also visited several significant sites around Greece, including Nicopolis, Patmos, Meteora, Delphi, Thessaloniki, and Philippi. Godsey emphasized that, “It’s not just a trip, it’s living there. So many other [study abroad programs] that I’ve heard about were like a one month trip spent traveling… What I loved about mine was that I was living there. It wasn’t a trip.”

Godsey quickly became involved in many ministry opportunities in the community there. She said, “The thing that affected my faith more than anything else was getting to learn from the people in the different ministries I was a part of. I learned a lot of facts at the school, but my walk with God definitely grew seeing what he’s doing in the believers there in Athens.”

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Calvary University has an articulation agreement with Greek Bible College. For more information, click on the image of the GBC website.

Sunrise over Pikermi

Mt. Parnitha

The Parthenon at the Acropolis.