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Graduation ceremonies scheduled for June 26-27

As stay-at-home orders lift across the country, Calvary is revising plans for graduation ceremonies in June. The weekend of festivities, originally scheduled for the beginning of May, has been postponed to June 26-27. Cory Trowbridge, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Development, is taking a lead role in the replanning of the events. Trowbridge said Calvary still plans to hold all three ceremonies that typically take place over graduation weekend: Baccalaureate, Awards Banquet, and Commencement.

Baccalaureate is scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday in Liberty Chapel, the Awards Banquet also on Friday in the Student Life Center starting at 6 p.m., and Commencement Saturday at 10 a.m. also in the Student Life Center.

Trowbridge said, “We’re also looking at what other things and activities we can do to make this a bigger deal. So we’re planning that, probably Friday night, we’ll be doing the Senior Banquet. And Coach Regier is working on some alumni games like soccer and basketball. We’re trying to put together a big celebration.”

The fluid situation across the nation requires for flexible planning, but Trowbridge said, “At this point, it’s looking like we’ll be able to actually host events. The small group requirement should be expired by then.” He added, “Everything will be livestreamed so people who can’t be here can still participate.”