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Calvary University recently approved the initiation of a Warrior’s Choice Interdisciplinary option for a bachelor’s degree with a focus on science. Our interdisciplinary biology and chemistry degree is a pre-professional combination of minors to prepare students for application to a medical, dental, or other health-related school.

The degree combines minors in biology and chemistry. Courses include general biology, microbiology, genetics, anatomy & physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physics.

The degree will offer flexibility for students regardless of their needs. All classes will be offered in the blended format which consists of on campus and recorded online lectures or problem sessions. Many of the laboratory sections will be offered either as traditional on-campus experiments or as online/at-home experiments.

Most importantly, the degree holds firm to Calvary’s first distinctive, standing firm on the Bible. With the opportunities Calvary offers, students do not have to go to a secular college that teaches from a naturalistic perspective. All science at Calvary is taught from the biblical worldview. The blended format of Calvary’s courses enables students across the country to take advantage of low cost, high quality education in biblical degree programs.