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Christian Leader’s Conference to address “What Makes Counseling Biblical?” Next Monday, February 17

On February 17, Calvary will hold the fourth annual Christian Leader’s Conference. This year’s topic is “What Makes Counseling Biblical?” Dr. Smith, Department Chair of Biblical Counseling, said this year’s conference subject matter “is two-fold… One point we’re trying to make here is what makes counseling biblical.” He pointed out that the term biblical counseling is used frequently, so specification of exactly what is encapsulated in the discipline is needed. “We’re going to try to look at the mechanics and elements of biblical counseling, and some of the fundamentals.”

The second aspect the conference will address, according to Dr. Smith, is “some misconceptions about the field of psychology. Is psychology a secular vocation? Can it be something that biblical counselors can utilize, something we should even be involved in?” Through the format of presentations and panel discussions, the Christian Leader’s Conference will address these questions and how they affect leaders in the Christian arena.

The Christian Leader’s Conference will feature presentations by Calvary faculty members Dr. Luther Smith, Dr. Christopher Cone, Dr. Thomas Baurain, William Stebbins, and Dr. Jeff Cox. Smith said, “The goal when people leave is to understand what biblical counseling is in contrast to all these other models. And, too, that they would have a more informed approach to disciplines, especially psychology.”