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Randy Grimm (left) and Cory Trowbridge (right) with City Union Mission’s Development Director, Dennis Chapman (center).

Nothing says “Christmas” like . . . toilet paper?!

Through the month of December, Calvary faculty and staff conducted the 20 Days of Blessing. Prompted by Chief Operations Officer Randy Grimm, the 20 Days of Blessing encourages the Calvary body to engage in serving the local community. After hearing a local businessman express frustration at the number of unmet needs in the community, Grimm brought the dilemma to Calvary’s faculty, staff, and student body, urging them to step up “and be a blessing to others.”

The Calvary community quickly rose to the challenge. Departments worked together to acquire and organize donations, partnering to bless six different ministries: KC Rescue, Global FC, KC Refuge, Heart in Hand, Stockings for Soldiers, and City Union Mission.

During the last week of class, Grimm and Dean of Students, Cory Trowbridge, delivered one of the blessings to City Union Mission: over 2000 rolls of toilet paper donated by faculty, staff and the student body. Dennis Chapman, City Union Mission’s Development Director, said the mission’s various sites go through at least 3,600 rolls of toilet paper per month.

Grimm said Calvary looks forward to making 20 Days of Blessing an annual campaign to bless others in our communities.