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The Pursuit of Learning for God’s Glory

The Pursuit of Learning for God’s Glory

Calvary University partners with professors who desire to glorify God and equip students to do the same. Dr. Timothy Hange is a direct example of this with a strong passion for life-long learning, rooted in a desire to love and honor the Lord. Critical thinking, thoughtful engagement, and the pursuit of learning have all contributed to Dr Hange’s philosophy of glorifying God and of teaching.

Dr. Hange is currently a professor in the English Department and has taught at Calvary since 2017. He recently earned his Doctorate in English Pedagogy and Technology and English Language from Murray State University. This has further equipped him to serve Calvary’s English Department and provides a direct example to students of honoring the Lord through lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity.

As a professor, Dr. Hange desires to share this perspective with his students by challenging them to think critically and establish their own perspective from the truth of the Bible. By integrating literature, he helps students to develop a biblical worldview that is both informed by the broad scope of humanity and founded on Scripture. Dr. Hange fosters and encourages this in his courses and by modeling constant learning.

“If we are to love the Lord with our mind, we are to be constantly open to learning.” Dr. Timothy Hange

Desiring to learn has significantly contributed to Dr. Hange’s testimony and many of his life experiences. After seeking to understand all major world religions, Dr. Hange was astonished to find Christianity to be the single and best explanation for reality; leading him to place his faith in Christ at twenty years old.

This directly impacted the course of Dr. Hange’s life as he pursued both knowledge and Christ. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems and business administration, working for fifteen years in software engineering, after spending time as a Youth Pastor. God drew the hearts of him and his wife, Karen, to the people of Russia, leading them to adopt two children from there in 2002 and spend years travelling and doing orphanage outreaches. Two years after moving to Moscow in 2007, Dr. Hange earned his master’s degree in teaching English. This allowed him to teach in Moscow for eight years, in which he continued to work with orphanages, serve in an evangelistic outreach program, and thoughtfully engage in the Russian culture.

Dr. Hange’s life is a testimony of how God uses the skills and interests He has given us for His glory. As he passionately continues to pursue learning, Dr. Hange instills in his students that diligent learning not only glorifies God, but also equips believers to share truth with others in extraordinary ways.