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Calvary’s Feast & Fund Auction is Coming This Friday!

Calvary’s Feast & Fund Auction is Coming This Friday!

Patrick Lewis enjoyed bidding on a item at the 2019 Feast & Fund.

This week, Calvary holds its third annual Feast & Fund Auction. The event is scheduled for August 7 at the Student Life Center, with doors open at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm, and the auction at 7:15. Attendees will enjoy a prime rib dinner before a fun-filled evening featuring a silent and live auction.

The planning committee for the event has worked to ensure a safe, entertaining environment for the auction. Guests will be socially distanced with plenty of hand sanitizer available and staggered serving to ensure safe distancing measures. Attendees are encouraged to wear masks. For those who would rather stay at home or prefer bidding from the comfort of their couch, Calvary is excited to offer an online bidding option.

This year’s auction lineup holds a Caribbean getaway, an African safari, signed Kansas City Chiefs jerseys from Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, smoked pork, buffalo meat, and much more. Registration for online attendance is still open, and you can sign up below.

Calvary Uses Sprayer to Keep Campus Germ-Free

Calvary Uses Sprayer to Keep Campus Germ-Free

Housekeeping Coordinator Kent Shader disinfects the Student Life Center.

Calvary’s Maintenance Department recently acquired an electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing sprayer for use on Calvary’s campus. The disinfecting tool, affectionately referred to as the “Fogger Machine,” is being used to sanitize hard surfaces across all of the University’s buildings. Doug Driskell, head of maintenance, and Housekeeping Coordinator Kent Shader researched the most effective ways to keep the Calvary community safe, in addition to having disinfectant wipes in every classroom and hand sanitizer stations in all common areas. Driskell said, “We wanted a user friendly portable electrostatic sprayer, with versatility to meet all our of needs, and purchase a product that was easy to dispense without error.”

The fogger machine comes with a backpack tank and battery powered electrostatic sprayer that creates a safe, touchless system and nuanced user control to spray even hard-to-reach surfaces like the undersides of tables. QT-3, the chemical used as a hard surface disinfectant, is optimal for its demonstrated effectiveness on viruses similar to the novel coronavirus, as well as its harmlessness for those who come in contact with it.

“Most entities in the Education, Health, Government and the Corporate fields are using similar equipment to disinfect large areas,” Driskell said. Maintenance has created a schedule to disinfect all common areas weekly, implementing the sprayer during low-traffic times to ensure the disinfectant has maximum dwell time to eliminate germs.  

2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

2020 Grad Joins Calvary’s International Student Services

Talitha Jones is stepping into the role of Director of International Services.

“I think that when you start to cross different cultural bridges you find a lot of beauty… our Creator shines through each culture in a new way.”


Talitha Jones graduated this spring with her bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology and a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Prior to graduation, Jones worked with Calvary’s International Student Services department, “doing a lot of the campus life, English help [and] everyday support for our international students.” Now, as Director of International Services, Jones will work with admissions and international students, “overseeing the visa processes and providing support needed to receive and maintain valid visas, as well as supporting our international students with their needs and with their campus life.”

Jones understands the culture shock of studying in a foreign country from her own time studying overseas. She said, “It’s a big step and, even though each journey is different, there is a level of understanding that I think I am able to use when working alongside our students while they adjust to their new life at Calvary.” Her studies in TESOL also prepared her for her new position. Jones said her minor is especially useful “because I hold conversation groups with our international students, where we discuss grammar, read articles, talk about phrasal verbs, and just practice speaking English.”

Working with International Services originally attracted Jones with the beauty of its diversity, and how “In every culture there is something to learn.” As she prepares for the coming school-year, Jones is excited to learn and grow as she helps Calvary’s students with the logistics of a new culture. “I think that when you start to cross different cultural bridges you find a lot of beauty. I think that our Creator shines through each culture in a new way, so as you begin to learn about different ones, you begin to see God in a new and awesome light.”

Jones graduated with her bachelor’s degree this spring.

Jones and Ai Matsueda prepare a meal at Calvary’s International Club.

Graduating with Highest Honors, Jones was recognized for Excellence in Missions and the Bible and Theology Award, among others.

Interdisciplinary Journal Publishes First Volume

Interdisciplinary Journal Publishes First Volume

Volume 1, Number 1 of Calvary’s Interdisciplinary Journal on Biblical Authority.

Calvary’s Interdisciplinary Journal on Biblical Authority (IJOBA) published its first volume in June 2020. The academic journal is a bi-annual publication created “to provide a platform for Christian thinkers to articulate the biblical worldview concerning issues in their chosen discipline as well as to evaluate trends and topics within that discipline using the biblical worldview.”

Dr. Mike Dodds, Director of CU Press which publishes IJOBA, said Calvary began the journal to encourage faculty “to get their thoughts out to the broader community; but also to provide a unique venue for Christian thinkers to do the same thing about their discipline.” Dodds said, “We hope to have articles about counseling issues, English/Communication issues, Bible/Theology, science, church ministry, etc.—and all written to express the biblical worldview concerning those issues in the discipline.”

The journal contains articles on topics relevant to the variety of disciples, as well as reviews of significant new books. While faculty and graduate students will certainly be contributors, Dodds said, “We want alumni and friends as well as like-faith individuals around the world to contribute articles.”  Information on article submission can be found on CU Press’s page.

Graduating Class Presents Gift to Warrior Café

Graduating Class Presents Gift to Warrior Café

Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presents the gift to President Campa.

“This year’s senior gift is to give back to the place that has made our college life.”

Each year, Calvary’s graduating class presents a senior gift as part of the graduation awards presentations. The Senior class of 2020 chose to honor the Warrior Café and the impact it has had on their time at Calvary, presenting a gift of new furniture to the Café, as well as maintenance for the Café’s espresso machine.

Senior class president Masaki Ouchi presented the gift to Interim President Jeff Campa. Ouchi said, “When I think about my college life, there’s one special place for me: that’s the Warrior Café.” He commented on the Café’s central role on campus, not only as a place to get coffee, but as a place for homework, friendship, and learning. Ouchi said, “I went to the Café because there was fellowship, because there were Bible studies, and also I could do homework,” though he admitted, “most of the time, I ended up not doing homework.”

In gratitude for the community fostered at the Café, this year’s senior gift “is to give back to the place that has made our college life… so students and faculty and professors can continue growing in faith and having fellowship.” The installation of new furniture and maintenance on the expresso machine will take place this summer before the new school year begins. Ouchi said, “We as a Senior class hope that this gift will help you to grow in faith and grow in fellowship for many years to come.”

New tables and chairs for the Café arrived earlier this month.

Ouchi gave a speech announcing the senior class’s gift at Awards Banquet.

The Warrior Café provides a variety of coffees, smoothies, snacks, and other drinks.