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Theatre Green Room Renamed in Honor of Bobbie Jeffrey

Theatre Green Room Renamed in Honor of Bobbie Jeffrey

Dr. Cone presents Bobbie Jeffrey with a certificate renaming the green room in her honor.

“It’s been the richest and most satisfying of experiences.”

In a presentation after the final performance of Calvary’s Spring musical, One Voice, Dr. Christopher Cone, President of CU, announced the naming of the Theatre Department’s green room as the Bobbie Jeffrey Green Room. Dr. Cone presented retiring department head Bobbie Jeffrey with a copy of the sign to be hung in the green room, thanking her for her years of service to the department.

“To me the most important thing was the opportunity to build stories with people I love,” said Jeffrey, who has been at Calvary for 16 years. “It’s been the richest and most satisfying of experiences.”

The sign presented by Dr. Cone reads, “With gratitude for and in honor of Bobbie Jeffrey and her many years of tireless, faithful, and exemplary service to the Calvary family and the broader community, Calvary University is privileged to announce and present that the ‘Green Room’ shall hereby be officially named and known as ‘The Bobbie Jeffrey Green Room.’ We are grateful for your helping us to tell His story, and we pray that God blesses you richly as you look forward to your next chapter of ministry and excellence in service.”

As she prepares to start this new chapter, Jeffrey said, “People don’t last forever, story does. That’s the legacy that I really want to create.”

Calvary Maintains Military Friendly Designation for Upcoming Year

Calvary Maintains Military Friendly Designation for Upcoming Year

Calvary University’s status as a Military Friendly Institution has been renewed for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Military Friendly® Schools survey is the longest-running most comprehensive review of college and university investments in serving military and veteran students.” CU has consistently been on this list. 

CU is proud to support and honor our military members and their families’ commitment and sacrifice for our country by offering high quality, affordable  education at one of the lowest tuition rates available.

CU is approved by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for the training of veterans, and is approved by the U.S. Department of Education for participation in all Title IV Student Assistance Programs

Calvary Partners with Military Tuition Assistance to Train Students

Matt Blackledge, Air Force Reserves, leads worship at a prayer night on Calvary's campus.Vets and Reservists use Military Tuition Assistance to study Scripture and get marketable degrees. Sgt Jonathan Haggard USMC (ret) served in the Marine Corps for eight years...

Retired Sergeant Major Mike Burke finds new ways to grow at Calvary

Life at CU is pushing him to trust God moreSergeant Major Mike Burke came to Calvary in 2018, after serving 26 years in the Marine Corps. Burke joined the Marines shortly after high school, following in his father’s footsteps. “Growing up, I was pretty much led to...

The Centurion’s Call: a Marine’s thoughts on Veteran’s Day

Thoughts on Veteran's Day by SgtMaj Michael Burke, USMC (Ret) On the morning of April 22, two young Marines manned an entry control point in the city of Ramadi, Iraq. Corporal Yale and Lance Corporal Haerter were from two different battalions conducting a turnover of...
Feast & Fund Rescheduled for August 7; Online Auction Starts Soon

Feast & Fund Rescheduled for August 7; Online Auction Starts Soon

Calvary University has postponed their Feast & Fund Auction to August 7. Registration for the event will reopen in light of the new date. An online auction for the Mahomes and Kelce jerseys will open April 1 and run until May 15, and an online auction for a bundle of beef will open April 1 and run to April 15.

Feast & Fund Auction to Feature Former Chiefs Linebacker

Feast & Fund Auction to Feature Former Chiefs Linebacker

Retired Lieutenant Colonel John Selman

Former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber

March 20 Feast & Fund to Feature Selman and Barber 

Calvary is excited to announce that former Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber and retired Lieutenant Colonel John Selman will be attending the 2020 Feast & Fund Auction. Barber and Selman are founders of Gridiron Grunts, an organization that pairs retired military personnel and athletes to speak at events and institutions. Selman said the concept arose from Barber’s idea that “people will turn out to meet professional athletes… but it’s the military who have the stories.”

Gridiron Grunts speaks around the country on a wide variety of topics, specializing in leadership. Selman said, “people are drawn toward leadership. I believe it’s because leadership is hard… Getting the most out of players and soldiers either to win games or battles begins and ends with leadership. Especially in professions where the stakes are high.”

Barber and Selman first heard about Calvary through Selman’s connection with Calvary’s Chief Development Officer William Stebbins. Selman said, “I liked the vision and mission of your organization. When Bill invited Gridiron Grunts to be involved with Feast & Fund, it was a no brainer. We’re excited to lend our support to organizations passionate about spreading the Gospel.”

Barber and Selman will be presenting at Calvary’s Feast & Fund Auction on March 20, 2020. Click here for more information, or to register

Biblical Counseling Distinctives Focus of Leadership Conference

Biblical Counseling Distinctives Focus of Leadership Conference

Drs. Christopher Cone, Jeff Cox, Tom Baurain and Luther Smith field questions during the 2020 Christian Leaders’ Conference. 

Calvary’s Christian Leader’s Conference featured faculty papers on biblical counseling and psychology.

Calvary’s annual Christian Leader’s Conference addressed, “What makes counseling biblical?” Dr. Luther Smith, Biblical Counseling chair, was heavily involved in planning the event and said, “It was well attended on campus and online,” with about 60 persons total, “a mix of students, as well as pastors and counselors.” He also said, “The response was really good… people had lots of questions. They enjoyed the information and the thoughtful discussion.”

The conference featured presentations by a variety of Calvary faculty, including Dr. Smith, Dr. Jeff Cox, and Dr. Christopher Cone. Dr. Smith noted that, even though the presenters had not discussed the details of their presentations together, “We were saying the same thing. And that was really encouraging to me… If I mentioned [a concept] in a sentence, someone else would mention it in a paper; if I mentioned it in a paragraph, someone else would mention it in two.”

Arianna Erixon-Bova, a senior at Calvary, said, “it was wonderful to sit down and hear scholars and academics bring everything back to the root of all truth… [The conference] encouraged and pleaded for us to go back to Scripture and find the truth there, first and finally. The speakers explained that we do not need to stray away from psychology, but we do need to make sure that it is rooted in Scripture when we do use it.”

Bill Stebbins, Calvary’s Chief Development Officer, was highly involved in the logistics of the conference, and said, “I think the highlight is when you have a roundtable or the discussion, because now it’s question and answer, and you have multiple personalities up there.”

The papers presented at the conference are slated for publication as a book later in the year.

Articles Presented at the Christian Leader’s Conference

(Follow links to watch videos of the presentations)

Psychology: A Discipline or a Philosophy?  | Dr. Luther Smith

Dr. Smith’s first presentation discussed the relationship between believers and psychology and the respective consequences of defining psychology as a discipline or worldview.

Deconstructing Psychology | Dr. Christopher Cone

Dr. Cone addressed the church’s leeriness towards psychology and how the church can appropriately approach and utilize the discipline.

The Priority of Scripture | Dr. Thomas Baurain

Dr. Baurain addressed what elements must be present in biblical counseling for it to truly be biblical, focusing especially on the centrality of the Bible.

Where Can Wisdom Be Found? | Dr. Jeff Cox

Dr. Cox’s paper referenced Job and Proverbs, investigating a biblical ethic for the source of wisdom.

Specific Distinctiveness of This Approach: Consistent Application of Literal Grammatical Historical Hermeneutic | Dr. Luther Smith

Dr. Smith’s second presentation discussed how the distinctive of consistently applying a literal grammatical historical hermeneutic affects the discipline of biblical counseling.

General Distinctiveness of This Approach: A Discipline Born from the Biblical Worldview Followed | Dr. Christopher Cone

Dr. Cone’s second paper took a more general look at the distinctives of biblical counseling and how the biblical worldview influences the view of counseling and psychology.