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Radio Personality and Theologian Joins Calvary’s Ranks

Radio Personality and Theologian Joins Calvary’s Ranks

After 25 years in radio broadcasting, Dr. Tracy Haney is bringing his radio and business expertise to teach at Calvary.

Calvary welcomes Dr. Tracy Haney as Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Senior Program Producer. In his role at CU, he will teach business courses and partner with the marketing department, utilizing his expertise in radio and podcasting.

Haney discovered his talent for radio many years ago while working for Calvary’s radio station, KJLC. He graduated from CU with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies and Radio Broadcasting. Moving on to work for Moody Radio, he recalled a life-changing experience interviewing people off the streets of Chicago. “We went out at 6 or 7 at night,” Haney said, “and I didn’t return until four in the morning. This was a world I knew nothing about.”

He interviewed people leaving bars in the middle of the night, asking them what they thought of the church, and was struck by the negative responses of individuals who “grew up in Awana” and now wanted nothing to do with the church. Haney felt a deep conviction that, “We’re just playing church. We’ve got to get out of here and tell people about Christ.”

Since then, his passion for teaching God’s word has “morphed into a desire to use Business Administration as a means of penetrating a secular society with the Gospel.” He funneled this passion into 25 years of radio broadcasting, and now brings the same eagerness to his work at CU.

Looking toward his future with CU, Haney is especially excited for the future of ministry-oriented business on campus. “The Lord has used my experience in broadcasting to fuse and mesh a different perspective. I’m hoping to help shape minds and hope to inspire the students to use their training.” He pointed out that, since everyone works, the workplace harbors a golden opportunity to make an impact. “That’s what I’m excited about… there is such a need to teach people how to apply their faith in the marketplace. I want to be the person who gives students that vision.”


Calvary Innovates Scheduling with Block Courses

Calvary Innovates Scheduling with Block Courses

Calvary is implementing a new course structure to meet higher education’s demands.

As culture and society shift, the world of higher education shifts with it. Beginning this semester, Calvary implements a newly designed course schedule, matching modern changes in education trends. Instead of the traditional class structure of three weekly meetings, courses will meet once a week for a three-hour block of time.

Universities nationwide use this method, called block courses. Calvary University’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Teddy Bitner, pointed out that market research has revealed new demands in higher education. Students look for reduced time, reduced cost, and flexibility in their academic programs. Implementing block courses enables Calvary to meet these needs across several planes.

Concentrated class time helps students focus more on a topic and increases information retention. It also simplifies student schedules, giving them more flexibility for homework and work. One of the greatest benefits for working students is the ability to take classes in blocks concentrated to fewer days of the week, freeing up more full days for on- or off-campus jobs. Dr. Bitner expects that, based on the transition, “We will be more competitive and more able to meet the market demands.”

Addressing concerns about fewer contacts hours, Bitner pointed out that, “We’ve been doing this since 1995 with our intensives.” The block course format has been tested and proved effectual on Calvary’s campuses through these intensive courses. Far from reducing student learning, Bitner said, “The studies I looked at indicated that the retention levels in block classes and eight-week courses are higher than for regular classes because time is shorter and [students] are forced to concentrate harder.”

The new block courses integrate into a faculty-wide shift Bitner described as, “moving away from delivering content to achieving outcomes.” Block courses accommodate using innovative progress assessments to better track student growth, as well as looking for more interactive class structure. Some faculty are considering implementing a flipped course structure, where lectures are recorded ahead of time and in-class time is spent on more interactive and hands-on activities. Overall, the focus is on creating the most effective environment for student learning. Bitner emphasized, “We’re looking at what competencies are these students demonstrating at the end of the courses.”

Bitner anticipates the greater flexibility will bring “innovation among faculty and students as regards to how we retain information and what is really important to know at a university level.” He sees block courses as a medium for prioritizing and refining goals campus wide. “It forces us to focus on what is important,” and in doing so, challenge students to higher levels of critical thinking, information retention, and overall academic achievement.

Interdisciplinary Degree Ranked #4 Most Affordable

Interdisciplinary Degree Ranked #4 Most Affordable

Warrior’s Choice Degree recognized for affordable online degree.

Calvary’s University’s  Warrior’s Choice Degree has been recognized as the #4 most affordable online Bachelor’s in Religious Studies.

“If you know a career serving in Christian leadership OR in a religious cultural setting is the right path for you, this ranking detailing cheap online Bachelor’s degrees in religious studies and theology will be a good place to start. Furthermore, pursuing the degree online will help you continue to serve your local church/non-profit organization all while balancing your home and school life. No matter what program you choose, an affordable online religious studies theology degree will provide you with a fundamental cultural literacy framed by a biblical or religious worldview. The skills you gain will help you obtain careers in clergy, business, education, social service, or missions (to name a few).”

Calvary strives to provide an affordable education with excellence, and we are grateful to Great Value Colleges for the recognition. To God be the glory!

Church Being Revitalized by Calvary Alumnus

Church Being Revitalized by Calvary Alumnus

Pastor Chris Williams and his congregation are putting their faith to work revitalizing a local church.

Calvary University (CU) alumnus Chris Williams is excited about the new direction God is taking his congregation. Williams graduated from CU in 2003 with a Master of Science in Christian Studies, and a Master of Divinity in 2013. He is now senior pastor of Fellowship Church, Greenwood (FG), in a role he has filled for six years.

Recently, FG undertook the project of revitalizing another local church, First Baptist Church of Raymore. Williams pointed out that, “We are a recipient of another church pouring into us and investing in us when this church had died… and our dream was always to pay forward what Lenexa [Baptist Church] did for us.”

When First Baptist of Raymore approached Williams to discuss pursuing revitalization, he brought it before the church leadership and members to discuss it and pray over it. Ultimately, they felt that God was giving them the chance they had been praying for to invest in another church body.

Williams and the other leaders at FG see the hand of God at work as they prepare to send fifty of their members to the new church site. “We’re doing exactly what was done for us. We’re giving them people; giving them dollars. We’re giving them mission and vision to see that church become a vital part of its community.” Williams said that Raymore is the fastest growing city in Cass County and the third fastest in the KC Metro area, so the opportunities for engagement and impact are vast.

The body of FG voted unanimously on the proposition to delegate their time, money, and leadership to First Baptist of Raymore. Williams said FG is unified in their enthusiasm to see the Raymore campus “living for the good of that community, the glory of Christ, and the salvation of all.”

When Williams first came to CU in 1997, he was untrained. He said, “I didn’t even know what a quiet time was.” His time at CU proved formative for his spiritual growth. “It was transformative in my faith journey. I really learned and grew a desire to love God’s word and to study it in a dispensational, verse-by-verse manner, with that literal historical grammatical approach to Scripture.” Williams believes CU helped him develop his love for the Word of God and states, “It was at Calvary that I learned what a disciple was and actually became one.”

Pastor Williams is clear about his mission at Fellowship Church. “I want to help everyone who comes to the Fellowship to understand that they were created on purpose and for a great purpose.” Having received training in how to know and serve God, Williams now works to provide others with the training they need. “I want to help them discover that purpose and then give them the encouragement and the tools and the training that they need to go live in that purpose.”

Pastor Chris Williams of Fellowship Church Greenwood

Fellowship Church’s new campus in Raymore

Counseling Student Interns at Local Pregnancy Center

Counseling Student Interns at Local Pregnancy Center

Brooke Glaszczak is spending her summer getting hands-on experience.

The weather may be sweltering, but Calvary’s students are finding ways to beat the heat and keep growing this summer.

Brooke Glaszczak is a Biblical Counseling major heading into her senior year this fall, and she is taking the summer to fulfill one of her degree requirements: a counseling internship. Students have a choice in where they complete their internship, and Brooke has been volunteering at Shiloh Center in Harrisonville, Missouri.

Shiloh Center is a crisis pregnancy center that provides women with physical resources, such as diapers and clothing, in exchange for the women coming to counseling sessions and parent training classes. Brooke says she chose to volunteer at Shiloh because her target audience for counseling is women and young adults, and the center is perfect for gaining experience in that area.

Twice a week, Brooke sorts through the piles of donations, organizes clothing, and shadows in-house counselors to watch their methods and learn for their experience. Brooke is excited about the impact she can see Shiloh Center making in the lives of the women who come there. “They are a really good resource for women who have no place to go… from the resources they give and the biblical counseling that they do and just talking to people. That’s a really huge impact because [these women] don’t have help like that.”

While Brooke loves hearing the client’s stories and seeing how God is working in their lives, it hasn’t all been easy. “There are definitely difficulties that I kind of prepped myself for, that ‘this might happen’, but seeing girls come in that have been abused or raped, or girls who come in who are planning on having abortions and just want the pregnancy test… it kind of just hits you in the face.” Despite the difficulties, Brooke is thankful for her time at Shiloh Center. God has used this internship to “encourage me by showing my inadequacies, because I’m seeing in my life where I can’t do anything, and it has to be God. I feel like, especially being a Biblical Counseling major, you’re dealing with people’s issues all the time and so, there’s a lot of dependency on God. Because one person really can’t handle all those things.” Referencing Matthew 11, she commented on how we aren’t supposed to carry every burden, but we find freedom in giving them to Christ and accepting his yoke.

Besides getting her one step closer to finishing her degree, Brooke’s time at Shiloh Center has energized her for the possibilities after graduation. “It’s kind of eased my nerves on what the future will look like because I’ve seen what God can do in the lives of other people.” Between the internship and the intentional time she has invested in spiritual growth this summer, she has found a different perspective. She is delving deeper into the importance of focusing on her own growth so that she can give to others out of that, “because you can’t give out of what you don’t have.”

Through her work at Shiloh, Brooke feels confident that biblical counseling is where her career path is, and she is becoming more excited about her field of study here at Calvary. She views her passion for counseling in light of both story and redemption. “We are coming alongside these people with broken stories and helping them to see how God can mend and heal what’s broken. It’s just exciting to be used in that way to be a part of that process and be a vessel to help with that. I love the idea of it and the system of counseling biblically because it’s a really good reflection of what Christ does for us. He comes alongside of us and helps us; encourages us.”

As she reflected on her time at Shiloh Center, Brooke pulled out this takeaway from her internship, “God can take messy and broken lives and turn them around for good… and God can use anyone in His story of redemption.”