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Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Introducing Ron Sharp, Dean of Students

Calvary is excited to welcome Ron Sharp into the role of Dean of Students at Calvary, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted faith. His faith journey began in his early years, growing up within the church, but it wasn’t until a pivotal moment during a revival service in 1976 that the gospel truly resonated with him. From that moment on, Ron’s life became a series of steps of faith in following Christ, leading him toward discipleship and mentorship.

With a B.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University and an M.A.T.S. and an M.R.E. from Liberty University, Ron’s career took him through Christian publishing and eventually to the role of mentor, both formally and informally. He developed a passion for discipleship through his interactions in college and later as an advisor at various institutions.

Ron’s approach to mentoring is marked by a belief in the importance of maintaining availability and genuine care. He emphasizes the importance of personal growth and development, seeing progress and maturity in his mentees as they navigate through life’s challenges. Ron shared that although he’s passionate about witnessing growth in students’ lives, his commitment extends beyond graduation, desiring to see students flourish long after they leave campus.

“I’m excited about the present—seeing the transformation and maturing that takes place. But more than that, I ask them, ‘What are you going to become? What are you going to do with all that you’ve learned?’”

As Ron steps into his new role as Dean of Students, he is excited to interact with students on a deeper level, both inside and outside the classroom. He sees Calvary’s weekly chapel services as a cornerstone of the campus community and is eager to foster an environment where students can grow spiritually and academically. Ron’s vision for Calvary encompasses a holistic approach to education, integrating faith and learning in a way that impacts not only the present but also shapes each student’s future.

With his experience, passion, and unwavering faith, Ron Sharp looks forward to making an impact as the new Dean of Students at Calvary, guiding students on their journey of faith and education with wisdom and compassion.

Introducing New Microcredential Programs

Introducing New Microcredential Programs

Calvary University is excited to announce a new enrollment option for the upcoming fall semester that makes biblical education even more accessible: Microcredentials. Designed to equip Christians for effective leadership and service, each Microcredential program includes a specialized set of courses that are tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s Christian community. 

Microcredentials are short, flexible programs that offer targeted learning opportunities in specific areas of interest. Unlike traditional degree programs, which require a significant time commitment, Microcredentials are structured around just three to four courses each. This allows individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in a shorter period, making them ideal for working professionals, non-traditional students, and lifelong learners. Plus, accredited courses can count towards a degree at Calvary University or transfer to other institutions through articulation agreements, ensuring your investment if you decide to continue your education. 

Our Microcredential offerings reflect Calvary University’s commitment to preparing Christians to live and serve according to the biblical worldview. With flexible learning options and focused course offerings, we empower students to navigate the complexities of the modern world while remaining grounded in timeless biblical truths. Whether through courses in biblical studies, theology, or corporate culture, students gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to lead with integrity, compassion, and wisdom. 

For the believer seeking to enrich his or her ministry or a professional looking to integrate faith and work, Calvary University’s Microcredentials offer an effective and efficient pathway to practical growth and impact. Check out our Microcredential options and enroll today to start this fall! 

Sharing Thankfulness

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“It is good to give thanks to the Lord
And to sing praises to Your name, Most High”
Psalm 92:1

Spring Musical: The Fantasticks

Spring Musical: The Fantasticks

Cast, left to right: (Back row) Esther McRae (Mute), Mike Burke (El Gallo), Leah McNabb (Mute), Adam Weeks (Matt), Ashley Huseby (Huck); (Front row) Logan Hiskey (Mortimer), Rebekkah Harms (Luisa), Abigail Tschetter (Miss Bell), Mary Lenk (Henri).

          This March, Calvary University’s Theatre Arts department will present The Fantasticks, a moving musical comedy with an enduring message. A small cast of nine Calvary students is rehearsing for the performance of the enduring show, a charming account of the trials of love, parenthood, and gardening.

          The story calls the audience to see value in both the joys and the sorrows of life. “Without a hurt, the heart is hollow,” sings the narrator, welcoming the listener alongside a handful of flawed, but loveable characters who learn to fully respect and appreciate life’s blessings and difficulties. As King Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, there is “a time to weep and a time to laugh.” Join us March 12-21 for a time of weeping, laughter, singing, dancing, sword fighting, and more in this and much more!

“Without a hurt, the heart is hollow”

Suggested age: 10+ (Due to comedic violence). 

Tickets will be available February 1, 2021 at our Box Office online.

 The Fantasticks is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Lux Voces Performs at Local Rotary Club

Lux Voces Performs at Local Rotary Club

Grace Murphy, a member of Lux Voces, sings at the Belton-Raymore Rotary Club performance.

Belton-Raymore Rotary Club Meeting Features Calvary’s Music Team

Last Wednesday, Calvary University had the opportunity to present a program at the Belton-Raymore Rotary Club’s weekly meeting. Members of the Rotary Club enjoyed a performance from Calvary’s traveling musical group, Lux Voces. The team presented three songs from their repertoire, featuring a rich instrumental blend and powerful vocal harmonies. 

Lux Voces is a traveling music group of Calvary students and alumni seeking to praise God through their musical performances and to serve Christian schools and churches by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through music and testimonies. Lux Voces is available to present concerts at local churches or schools in fall of 2020 and spring of 2021.

For more information, contact the Music Department.

Josh Freerksen plays the electric bass guitar as Jordan Hoffman drums.

Katherine Figuera plays the keyboard for one of the songs presented by the group.