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“Allen was passionate about training the next generation and was a seeker of truth.”

Calvary is saddened to hear of beloved alumnus and professor Allen Pierschbacher, (also known as Big Al) recently going home to be with the Lord on November 1, 2022. A preacher and teacher of God’s Word, he passionately lived a life that shared the hope of the Gospel with those around him through both evangelism and discipleship. Allen was a key missionary member of Brazil Gospel Fellowship Missions, served as professor and Missionary in Residence at Calvary University in the 1990-91 school year, and was a beloved husband to Nadine and father of three children, Marvin, Lance, and Alisa. Allen received a BA in Biblical Studies from Calvary Bible College, and enjoyed mechanics, music, and speaking Portuguese. He was heavily involved in many church-planting ministries throughout his lifetime, served at SIBIMA Seminary in Fortaleza as Academic Dean and Dean of Students, and was active in Home Bible Studies in Fortaleza and Pacoti.

When reflecting on Allen’s teaching at Calvary, a student and long-time friend of Allen, Dan Anderson, shared that “Al was incredibly wise but also sincerely humble.” His introduction to Allen was at Calvary when he taught a number of his classes, stating that Allen had humbly but directly confronted him about wrong attitudes in his life, which resulted in a deep friendship enduring between them. Al provided premarital counseling for Dan and his wife and “played a continuous role” in their growth as a couple until his last days: “Allen counseled from God’s Word with the wisdom to drive others to discover the truth for themselves through asking great questions and prompting to read Scripture rather than just telling me what to do. Al helped me with relationships, home and auto repairs, and financial counsel from our meeting in 1990 until just days before he passed away. I called Al about ten days before he was promoted to Glory and the conversation turned to counsel for my life even as he was fighting for his own—that was Al, a selfless servant.” Dr. Granados, President of Calvary University, perhaps encapsulated Allen’s character best when he stated: “Allen never met someone he didn’t befriend or try to have a conversation to share the gospel with; he was passionate about training the next generation and was a seeker of truth. He was a lover of God, a lover of the Word, a lover of the church, and a lover of people.”

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