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Callie Weeks, Student Set Designer

Callie Weeks, student set designer for All My Sons, couldn’t have been happier as she watched the disparate pieces of her set come together last Saturday during what is known in the theatrical world as “load-in.”

Everything that had been painstakingly built and painted at our set construction site in the Special Events Building was loaded up and driven over to the loading dock outside the back of the Chapel on Friday afternoon. Friday night the lighting instruments were hung, and Saturday, staggered crews came in to assemble the set. The backyard of the Keller home slowly began to take shape over the course of the day. You can see pictures of the metamorphosis below.

We have a week of rehearsals left, followed by technical rehearsals on Saturday. Then we have three dress rehearsals to implement all our technical cues plus costuming, hair, and makeup. Once that’s done, it’s curtain up October 11-14.

We hope to see you there! Tickets are available online here:

Rebekkah McIntosh contemplating the universe on the Keller’s back porch.

Zeb Johnson attacks Christy Stone with a Shop Vac, but Christy is armed with a router, and she knows how to use it!

Sedayn Bennett, Rebekkah McIntosh, Esther McRae, John Harms, and Mallory Pihl take a break while Callie’s still slaving away at the window…

Levi Bennett, Jon Van Pelt, and Adam Weeks as Charlie’s Angels.