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Academic Center Essay Reviews

What is an Essay Review?

You have two options for using our Essay Review service: 1) consult with a tutor in person or 2) get feedback online through our email essay review system.

Either way, our tutors will provide you with detailed feedback on your essay to assist you in your revision process. Tutors will start by looking over higher order concerns such as thesis statements, organization, development before moving to issues on style, grammar, and formatting.

What does an in-person Essay Review look like?

You can sit down with a tutor and discuss your paper for about 20 minutes to an hour. Here’s what to expect:

  1. The tutor will get details from you about what the assignment requirements were, so you will both be on the same page (literally—see what we did there?).
  2. You and the tutor will decide what you want to focus on for the session (this will maximize your time).
  3. You or the tutor will read the paper out loud (you will notice a lot of errors in the process—write these down, so you can fix them later).
  4. The discussion will move through the agenda you set in step 2, discussing higher order concerns and lower order concerns (make sure you take good notes here).
  5. After a quick review, you’re all set. Find a quiet place to work on your revisions (we have computers available for you if you need one).

What does an email Essay Review look like?

Email us with 1) your essay, 2) your assignment requirements, and 3) a list of things you want us to focus on. Attach your paper as a Word Document.

The next available tutor will review your paper for higher order concerns (big things like guidelines, thesis, organization, research, and development) and lower order concerns (small but important stuff like grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting). When the tutor is done, you will receive an email summary with comments about what they found in your essay along with an attached draft that has been annotated. Note: You should open this attachment and use it to help you revise your essay before submitting it to your professor.