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The Clark Academic Center is expanding its services to help both faculty and students in achieving excellence.

A cheerful blue room full of books and desks is nestled down a hallway of the Hilda Kroeker Library. The sign reads: “Clark Academic Center,” and the room houses one of Calvary’s greatest tools for academic success. 

President Emeritus James Clark instituted the Clark Academic Center (CAC) in 2002 to aid students in achieving excellence. Since then, the CAC has provided paper reviews, academic support, and tutoring in many fields, including writing, study, and time management skills. 

This year, the CAC is coming under the umbrella of Institutional Effectiveness (IE), and Rose Henness, Director of IE, now heads the center. Collaborating with IE, the CAC plans to broaden its scope of services to become “a hub for academic excellence.”  

In their focus on expanding academic excellence, the CAC utilizes a two-pronged approach: academic excellence for students and a new focus on academic excellence for faculty. 

Academic Excellence for Students

On the student side, the interfacing brings an expansion in the services the CAC’s Academic Coaches provide. Beyond reviewing papers and traditional tutoring, “We want to expand to where [our Academic Coaches] are helping all students to begin to learn good study skills, time management, and how to conduct research,” said Henness. With these aids in place, she said, students develop and prepare better papers. 

Henness also wants the CAC to start offering help on resume development, interviewing skills, and conducting a successful job search. “To me, that’s part of academic excellence,” said Henness, “That’s my vision.” The CAC still offers traditional tutoring for students who desire assistance, but it also focuses on reaching the campus in the multiplicity of other areas where coaching or assistance can benefit the students. 

Academic Excellence for Faculty 

Henness plans to integrate the CAC into faculty development by implementing a series of workshops. These workshops will cover topics such as how to maximize efficiency in the Canvas learning system, utilizing effective assessment processes, and how to capitalize on class organization using syllabus and outcome structure. 

These developments provide a support and resource system for faculty. By providing continual investment into equipping our faculty for excellence, the CAC provides a basis for improvements campus wide. Henness pointed out, “Any time that you work to impact academic excellence, it will improve overall… the whole classroom is going to be more enjoyable.” 

Long Range Effects

Henness is optimistic about the long-term effects of the CAC’s new involvement. Equipping students for success vitalizes morale, strengthens retention rates, and even boosts enrollment. The CAC plays a critical role in Calvary’s academics, creating an atmosphere conducive to studying and learning.

Looking to the future, Henness is excited to work towards building a stronger school academically. As the CAC gears up for the new school year, this hub for academic excellence is ready to put Calvary’s students one step closer to success.


Academic Coaches offer a broad array of services to students, including paper reviews, academic coaching, and study assistance.

Coaches are versed in several academic styles, including Turabian, MLA, and APA.

Well-loved mascot, the CAC-tus.