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Biblical Equipping

for Excellence in

Life and Service

Our mission is “…to prepare Christians to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the biblical worldview…” The Bible is foundational in every class we offer, and we aren’t simply integrating the Bible into our classes, rather we recognize the biblical basis for any discipline we teach.

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In every class and every program, we are committed to excellence in preparing men and women to live and serve in the church and in the world according to the biblical worldview.




Calvary has become a nationally recognized leader in decreasing the cost of high-quality education for our students, so that they can graduate without the burden of crippling student debt.




Calvary is committed to providing excellent, marketable education and credentials so our graduates are prepared and positioned for excellence in life and service.




Calvary is designed to provide not just a place for learning, but a place for growth, discipleship, real world experience, lifelong friendships and relationships—to both on-campus and online students.

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Calvary University News

Alumna Alisha Joyce provides holistic education

Alumna Alisha Joyce provides holistic education

“Every day I’m thankful for the biblical education I received at Calvary” Alish Joyce graduated from Calvary University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education before getting her Master’s...

Celebrating the life of Dr. Donald Urey

Celebrating the life of Dr. Donald Urey

Dr. Donald Urey served as president at Calvary Bible College from 1991-1994. Dr. Donald Urey entered the presence of the Lord on June 17, 2021. President Emeritus Urey came to Calvary Bible College...

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Chapels, Conferences and Other Great Videos

Get a glimpse into the Calvary University experience by watching these videos available on our YouTube channel, featuring faculty, staff and guest speakers in our weekly chapels as well as annual conferences and events held on campus each year.

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